Official BBH Trivia Thread

(Luca) #142

Ok, I meant wanted at ONE TIME. As in, all time preseasonal and 1 season out of all of the seasons, at that specific time. Not of literally all the wanted accounts someone has ever owned, it has to be the largest amount at a certain time.

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #143

When considering the legacy list, I guess you could say Timbo has a ton. Viper, Kendry also have a lot. I’m forgetting people who have many, but the ones I gave are a few of the main ones.

Season-wise, I think you had 7 on the list once. I had 9 on the list in season 8 I believe. Qanta has had 10+ accs on the list at one point too. And there’s probably a lot of people I’m forgetting about again…

Name 5 of the most active people the year before the reset happened.


It was Nooga, he had something like 30 wanteds at one point.

Someone can answer the below:

(Luca) #145

Ok, that’s a good answer N3rd, and since I can’t answer Holy’s question as I was not there at 2017, let me elaorate on my question again:

At one time, who has had the most wanted accounts, at 1 specific time, all made by that same person?
No shared accounts, no scammed, no name changed. All originals made by the same person.

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #146

Must be Qanta, he had like 12 accs on the wanted list at one point. That dude played all day long during several seasons…

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #148

How many genders are there? (Boxhead Bounty Hunter and irl)

(Luca) #149

Male, Female, Monster (Yes, monster is a gender option. It’s actually the default option)

( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #150

What year was it when a few of the maps and names were temporarily changed.

( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #151

Seems like no one answered this ^

What year was temple added?

(Luca) #152

Easy, 2015.


name the top 17 before the reset

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #154

Shift (XCH4ng3x)
HSV (Arkham)
Drone (B44b)

EDIT: forgot Blah, oops

Name top 5 from season 1


drone, angrye, champ24junior, redmist and dragonsupremo i think.

name 2 stank alts.

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #156

2hbls SolParadiso. Thorlakur whoops that’s three silly me

Who held the msot msot wanted title before Panicnew in 2010?

(Luca) #157

Shift: The only one that I know was #1 before Panicnew was .,A,.N,.D,.R,.3,.S,.

My Question: Who was #9 on the top 9 list in 2009? (Lmao, 9 said 3 times in 1 sentence)

( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #158

Probably swagrob24.

who was the most dominate player in 2015?

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #160

FRIDAYCHICKEN, what a N3rd… (I didn’t play the entirety of 2015, but I saw him winning most games during the 3 months I played. So correct me if someone else did better that year)

Who was the most dominate in 2016?


it was n3rd, wolf, sacred and kia, probably ray too but he was much better in 2015

i can’t pick one because they were all very good and they all dominated, but if i had to pick one then it’s n3rd slightly over wolf

who started playing in 2007

(Cнιcĸeɴ) #162

A wannabe Old Gen, who hasn’t even checked the release date of this game before telling ppl about the date he started (I might have been like this a few times a year ago, excuse me :3 )

Give 3 of Shift’s alts.

(Luca) #163

To answer Chicken’s question: XSHiFTx, XCh4ng3x, Bompp1