Official BBH Trivia Thread

(Ddmasterkiller) #64

You do

Highest amount of bps ever in one game (Without hacking)


694 (Stankgry)

Highest k/d record in Hedge Maze.

(Ddmasterkiller) #66

Q:Highest k/d record hedge maze

A:I dont know

Q:Who was the first wanted mod

(rektgg) #67

Q : about 130 (kevin)
Q : first wanted mod was EFK123

who was the first person to be banned on BBH for hacking

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #68


not Chubear? Besides, I bet it was some Stickluvr45 or Schooler etc. in reality

pretty hard to know hey

Q: The first wanted to reach 150k bps? What about 200k? (before competitive seasons obv)

(Ddmasterkiller) #69

A: 150k: Panicnew 200k: idk

Q:What was the highest amount of bps in the beta version

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #70

What about 200k? tho

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #71

Okay then, Ill answer my own question. It was probably Meat101, although Im not sure at all. idk the answer to Ddmasterkiller’s question either.

Lets go with an easy one this time
Q: How many weapons can you buy in a game? What about, how many weapons are there in all of the weapon banks?


13 weapons in the weapon banks. (Pistol, Uziz, Shotgun, Rifle, flamer, AK-47, Grenade launcher, Plasma cannon, minigun, magnum, double pistols, railgun, m16.

How many shotgun bullets does it take to destroy a barricade?


so why did nobody answered the question? i would also like to find out an answer!

(Jairo) #79

Stankgry got 748 in temple before

(tyler louis) #81

whats your highest drone i know its gotta be 600 - 700 because i saw you get like a 640 something before


Who invented the double switch?


I think it’s Jett, dude has the best switch in the game.

Real question should be who invented the pistol -> shotgun -> rifle -> plasma -> magnum combo, in other words, the single switch?


To my knowledge, it was the likes of Boxhead…champion (3p1c k1ll), SpikeSpiegal etc that first started using effective combos. Keep in mind that players used the pistol -> flamer switch combo since the very start of the game.

As for double switch, I’m guessing it was first effectively used in late 2010 by someone like Aurora, Amrase etc.

Who was/were the first player(s) to use AK-47 as a pistol key?



Who popularized camping with autorunning (which changed the game )


No one, it’s not possible to camp with autorun. When you autorun you have to be moving in 1 direction only, which makes it impossible to camp.

If your question asked who popularised autorunning and used it to win games, then the answer is

Name one of STANKMAN’s alts (you can’t say Thorlakur)


You can camp with autorun, you just tap it again to change where you’re going -_-

JohanRoss popularised it.



Who mastered the 180 button?


That’s absurd, lol. I’ve yet to see anyone do that, if you want to camp just hold the strafe key and move back and forth, autorun is not required at all. Also, Dhcj/Johan was not a camper. If you see his 1v1s and gameplay on YT you will see he’s the exact opposite - he rushes.

Earliest records suggest it was Jvidana, I think.

Who was famous was using the pistol - plasma - mag combo?