Occupation / school

(retry) #1

im wondering like we used to be kids now most of us grown what do y’all study work?

EDIT Good topic idea, but you should to write about yourself too. It would be more fair to people who answered your question.

(Fade) #4

I’ll be a freshman at Auburn University in the fall. Pretty crazy how things play out in life.


Played this game when I was 13, now I’m a junior 20 yrs of age and in my prime studying Sport Administration at Minnesota State University. Awaiting on my application to Florida State at the moment, the #1 graduate program for Sport Administration in the country. Catch me in the front office of the Lakers in 2023 when Bronny and LeBron are together on the same team.

But yeah this place is nothing but a faint memory at this point in life, but it’s something that I’ll never forget. A lot of incredible years at this place, not much time left before Xgen vanishes, but I’ll try to be here when it happens to give back to like the only game I played as an adolescent.



I’m a sales manager for a decently sized automotive group on the east coast.

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Street Pharmacist

(Emily) #8

I’m going into my second year at UBC studying microbiology and immunology. I wanna be an oral surgeon :tipping_hand_woman: Right now though I just work part time as a server lol

(Shane) #9

@Emily8 hope you reach your goals, I know you can do it :smile: .