No More Map Ideas [Creator's Block]

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Eh, after the map contest was judge, i just hit a creators block. Help LMAO. Either way imma just delete the map slots I have lol. If any has a good idea just lemme know. Thank you.


Don’t delete your work just yet. I looked again at your maps and I think there is plenty to be proud of and to build on.

You submitted Explosive Slot 1, “West Lab”, into the contest for best competitive 2v2 map. It is a very polished map, and I can tell you put in a lot of effort. There are lots of great ideas going on here, and it is always a treat to see the construction, sewer, and lab tile sets being used this effectively.
For the purposes of “best 2v2 map”, however, I think your map was not voted on by us because it was not quite suitable for 2v2. Flow is very important in 2v2 maps; the areas should be interconnected. The top middle, top right, and bottom right regions of the map can too easily be turned into comfortable camping spots without very good counters. The map does not really have a memorable terrain that players can easily familiarize themselves with and begin to form strategies around. I think you would get a better feel for what is in a good 2v2 map is by playing 2v2, or looking at common 2v2 maps. Think about XGen HQ, or Sunnyvale Trailer Park for bigger, spacier 2v2 maps. Or have a look at some common customs maps, such as the maps on Cutie’s slots. Better yet, consider the maps that won the 2v2 category.
I think your submission would have been much stronger if it had been entered into a category focused around art-style or showmanship, like “best aesthetic playable map”.

As for your 2nd map, “Pity”, the hammer gameplay doesn’t seem as fun due to the fact that you have to go through a hallway to enter and exit the hammer room. I couldn’t help but notice that it looked almost the same as Aim.acap (common aim map with glock). Also, I think you forgot to polish the edges of the sewer brick facing the hallways.

I hope you continue to make more maps. You have great ideas; keep drawing on the inspiration that got you to make West Lab. Next time there is a map contest, make sure you consider what the category really means.

Keep 'em coming! :wink:

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