No mods in boxhead bounty hunter

(tyler louis) #1

There is no mods in bbh are they just dont get online because there is so many hackers most games. about half of the games i played a hacker was money hacking. in so i lost its kinda annoying and i recently bought x cash it sucked like crazy because so many hackers i know it was only 3 dollars but it was no point so i feel like i should get at least 80 x cash back are something because hackers ruined it and i would appreciate it if we got a new active mod (just saying maybe drone or champ because they are pretty active or both of them for two active mods )
i would pay another 3 $ because its a pretty cool game but were gonna have to have mods and i still think i should get about 80 xcash since the whole time i had it hackers ruined it

(Schall) #2

You can always record the hacker and upload it to the forums so a mod can ban them. Granted all they have to do is change their IP, so it’s almost pointless to do so in some cases.

(tyler louis) #3

so what your saying is there is no way that hackers can stay banned ?

(Schall) #4

If they know what they’re doing. The last few hackers reported was the same guy.

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