"no disk" error in stick arena, tf is this

i was playing stick arena and for some reason an error popped up saying “no disk”
i did not put any cds, dvds, blu-ray discs, or even floppy disks

I think it means like a hard drive (since they use disks) since it’s referring to the space that should have the drive as E:, maybe you need to insert an external hard drive there.

If that doesn’t help have you tried either pressing “try again”, X’ing out and restarting SA, or rebooting your PC, because this seems like one of those errors that just happens once and never again, since if there really wasn’t a hard drive there I’d be surprised that the flash projector even launched to that point.

(EDIT: Also don’t buy an external hard drive for the first suggestion that was only in-case you already owned one.)

i dont have any external hard drives or anything, but i do have a usb
will that fix the issue or no

By USB do you mean flash drive? If so yes, those are also storage devices that will plug into the E: drive (though they don’t run on disks) I’d assume it means you have stuff on that drive that it wants to save but it can’t. Do you normally have it plugged in while playing SA?

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well, no
but for some reason it does not show up the error in ballistick
thanks for help