New Year, New Champion: 1v1 Tournament (Stick Arena) 12/29 (Completed)

(Shane) #1

Its time to bring in 2018 with a bang!

In honor of the New Year, there is going to be a 1v1 Tournament on Friday, December 29th at 7:00 p.m. (EST) in Stick Arena Classic.

Tournament Rules

  • No Free-Killing (Do not kill another player without a weapon)
  • No Hammer camping
  • No Melee-running to avoid a lost
  • No Stalling in order to waste time

Tournament Information

1st place: 3000 Creds and 3 Labpass Days
2nd place: 2000 Creds and 2 Labpass Days
3rd place: 1000 Creds and 1 Labpass Days

To Sign up: Please say your name below

Best of luck to everyone!

(Ajay) #3

lol why not

/sign TwistedMetal

(Glory) #6

./sign Ash

(Que ) #7

/sign Aged


/sign Voose

(Ice) #10

/ sign ice

(Shane) #11

/sign Eminence

(Jesus) #12

./sign .1.xgen.1.


/sign magic


/sign stickdude ( forum acc banned )


/sign cole

(Lizbona) #17

/sign Lizbona

(Jacob) #19

/Sign Triamph

(donx074) #20

…/sign sin

(RaS) #21

./sign Ten

(AceK1ller) #22

/Sign acek1ller


Good luck to everyone who is participating. Your gunna need it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Shane) #24

Here is the Bracket for the Tournament (Subject to change, depending if people join) -

(Lizbona) #25

how convenient

(Que ) #26

Lol, Ice of all people