New Mods of Stick Arena

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Congratulations to the New Mods

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Oh yeah, I forgot about this part.

Please welcome the new moderator:


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S/O to Kaelyn (The CEO of XGen) for Liking the post.

Feels good to know that we have a responsible, charismatic, beautiful individual running XGen like yourself. Let me be the first to say, we all know how hard it is to run a company like XGen, and you are doing a phenomenal job at it.

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gz guyssss…

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congratz peeps


Congratulations to the new Moderators, i’ve spoken to every single one of them except for Codfish because from my experience he’s not a talking person but every single one of them are (in my opinion) decent Moderators they all have the same goal and that’s to make Stick Arena great again.


Also yes congratulations!

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Many congratulations to all our new Moderators especially Codfish. I think they all deserve for their success. I have no doubt it’s good move, and hope they will help to keep SA alive long time.


Grats guys!! You guys are doing a great job so far!! Keep it up and maybe theyll be able to sprout the seed for SA again!!! :smiley: