Name Swap Procedure

Hello everyone!

Edit: since players are still asking for name swaps, we might as well make this permanent.

Like everything else, there are some key points. Please read:

These name swaps are between 2 accounts, no more.

  • You MUST own both accounts in order to be name swapped. The account must be email verified.

  • The email MUST be provided for both accounts in the request. If the email you provided is close, we will provide 1 hint. If you fail to provide the email to us then, your request will be denied. If the email is wrong to begin with your request will be denied.

  • If you are trying to name swap with an account you do not own, your request will be denied.

  • You must have both accounts on your IP when sending in the request, otherwise it will be denied. Please make sure you login to the accounts before sending in the request.

  • If both accounts are verified, I will proceed to reset the passwords to both accounts. From here, you will need to verify the accounts back to prove to us you really own the accounts along with the emails associated to those accounts.

  • Both accounts must have the same password in order to be name swapped. If it gives me an error when I go to name swap the accounts, this means the passwords are not the same. If I get this error, your request will be denied.

  • If you do not follow the request format below, your request will be denied.

  • Requests to name swap to an inappropriate username will be denied.

  • Any attempt in gaining a second name swap may get yourself temporarily banned. This includes changing IPs and any other means.

  • Passing off an account to someone else in order for that account to get a second name swap and requesting a name swap for that account will be denied.

  • Any attempt in trying to take someone else’s account will be handled as a phishing attempt and you will be permanently banned.

All denied requests are final.

We will also be taking name capitalization requests.

When creating a request, you’ll have to start a private conversation and add “moderators” to the conversation. It will be easier than adding every moderator individually.

With all of that being said, here’s the request format (example) you’ll need to follow:

Primary account: schallmeister - [email here]
Secondary account: Undefined - [email here]
Capitalizations (if any are desired) - (S)challmeister (to go from a lowercase s to a capital S).

Once your request has gone through, we suggest switching the passwords to your two accounts so they’re both not the same.

The name swaps are available for players on every applicable XGen game.

You are allowed 1 name swap per month.

Any questions, feel free to ask below!

  • The Moderator Team

You guys can go ahead and send them in, but the MCP is not working so we won’t be able to get a jump on these right away.


I see you’ve “upgraded” the password requirements, so basically, it’s impossible to make a new account with the same pass because it isn’t long enough anymore

This is for MMOcha accounts, not forum accounts.


ohhhh **** that’s better than what I thought

The deadline is in a week! Tell your friends!


Bumpity boo.

Read up, fellow citizens.


Edited original post to make this permanent.

Also added a 1 month waiting period between name swaps.