MMOcha server does not work?

(lucio) #1

hi, in the last 3 days all the users cant play Territory War 3.
What happen?


(Hell's Dragon) #2

I checked it, and I really can’t log in…
I don’t know what happened, But to be honest: this game was dead since 2016. I would not be surprised if this game was closed forever. (official TW forum) is closed too. Simply, less and less people played it. I stopped playing in october 2017, because there was only SALMAN…RAJA, MaidenHell and some begginers. (It’s not funny when you know result of the battle before it begins… )

Maybe, if TW3 had something like copetitive season like Stick Arena, it could come back to life.
But, we (players) can’t do anything to make Territory War great again. Try to ask AfroNinja.

This situation is sad, I liked this game and also the previous two. Some of you probably liked it too :frowning:

(lucio) #4

depends on the times you recently entered the game. I joined the RANKED lobby a few days ago and it was full of players. I have been playing TW3 since 2011 and I play almost every day so not just SALMAN and Mainden.
Then they often return to play other historic players so the game never died.
im lucius :slight_smile:

(Hell's Dragon) #7

Of course it depends!
We’re probably from two different time zones, so I could see nobody in Ranked.

But closing TWBOARDS is strange…

(Schall) #10

I let Jordan know what’s going on. It should be fixed before too long.

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