Map Archive System

Hello again.

This is just going to be a rough draft for now, but let me know what you guys think of this idea. There is a poll at the bottom.

So I know in times passed maps have been made for certain reasons, but then were deleted because you wanted to make another map so you had to get rid of one. But what if we provided you the cred and day(s) on your alt accounts to save every map you make so you don’t have to delete them?

I was thinking, if we provided the essentials to you to save every map you make, you could essentially keep those maps on your accounts forever (however long that may be on here) never having to delete them. With this, we could maybe keep a log or an archive of what maps are on what accounts, so if anyone ever needed a certain map we can find it.

Let me know what you guys think of this and maybe we can work something out :eyes:

Is this a good idea, or something we can work with?

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This makes a lot of sense. I mean, map slots shouldn’t be where maps are saved, they should simply be the maps that the player has made available to be selected when making matches.


I know people have a lot of alts, so they can just start using those alts to make maps and save maps on those accounts if they wanted.

I’ve started using my own alts to make and save more maps on.


This is a good idea. There aren’t many mapmakers nowaday, but maybe they would be more inclined to make them with this.

Myself and a lot of mapmakers back in the day used the free labpass weekend events to rack up alts with mapslots. Dan and a few other users had a tool to save maps in a coded format, I wonder what ever happened to that…


I was kind of hoping some people would be encouraged to make more maps with this - that’s partially the reason I brought this up.

I remember a bunch of newer players using the free lab pass weekends to make some silly maps or something, and even the every day people making a quick map to play around on for the weekend. I do remember that tool, but I also don’t know what happened to that.


Plus, there is definitely interest for custom maps: a few players such as Grasp and Kitty routinely hold custom map cycles, old and new.

Labpass weekend was lit.

I was actually thinking to make a “map dump”, as people used to call it back on the old forums. I could help procure a list of maps from older players as well. It would be really useful if the map subsection from the old forums could be brought back.


It’s good idea. Over the years I have created many accounts especiaally for storing maps divided into categories. It costed me a lot of time, effort and playday prizes which I could use on my official acc. I’m glad that Map Library (that’s the name I came up for that) can become real. It took years too long, but better late than never. What’s more, I think that 1 acc. should have 10 available slots, not 5.

Pozdrawiam - RS


This seems like a good idea. If you want to create more maps but you don’t want to delete your existing ones this idea seems solid.


So what do you guys think about this. We could:

  1. Make 2 separate topics:

    • One topic for map submissions for everyone to review
    • One for holding all the maps in


  1. Make multiple topics:

    • One topic for map submissions for everyone to review
    • One topic for each category of map, to keep it more organized:
      • 2v2/1v1/FFA
      • Map Competition
      • Maze Maps
      • Melee

You’ll need a Lab Pass to purchase map slots and it costs 5,900 cred to buy all 5 map slots (I’ll be rounding to 6,000), so I’ll add 6,000 cred and 1 Lab Pass day to brand new accounts JUST to buy all the map slots

Creds and the Lab Pass day added to accounts from this can not be transferred to another account. This is strictly for this system.

All requests must be fulfilled (don’t ask for the 6,000 cred and a Day and plan to never use them).

Are there any suggestions, ideas, or questions? Remember, this is just a rough draft.


I think 2 would be better for organization tbh

Yeah, we could find maps much easier with the second method.

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Agreed with the second option - the first one is too generalized and it would make it hard for stuff to stand out.

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Is the second option good for everyone?

Forgot to mention anything about the requests. I’m thinking we’ll just make it where everyone sends in a request privately?


Does this have to be with brand new accounts only? Some of us might have old or kind of new accounts with enough creds to purchase all five map slots. But, we just need a day (or less) of Lab Pass.

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If whatever account you have doesn’t have the cred we’ll supply it. I was just using new accounts as an example more or less.


Well, I think we have what we needed here. Give me a little while!


What about Dark’s idea though?

This is how I see his idea; a sub category called ‘map dumps’ where people would create their own map dump thread (like in the old forums). In this case however, it would have the same function as a ‘map library’; once you’ve posted a map in your own map dump thread, it has to be ‘locked’ on a certain account slot.

I’d rather have maps categorized by people instead of ‘2v2 / map comp’… but that’s my opinion.


If you guys, or anyone really, wants to find older maps from older players and make a post about it throughout these threads you can.

I guess really the only main difference between what we’ve started and the map dumps that already exist is that we’re providing you what you need to get all 5 slots - it’s not coming out of your stick pocket. That and it’s a bit more organized I guess you can say.

Hope that’s clears something up!