Making Stick Arena Active Again

(OOF) #24

You should join our discord chat we have alot if debates

(Metrø ßoomin) #25

Come on Afterlife… They deserve minimal respect? I mean maybe Dual does, (My opinion) but as far as the majority of the current mod team, I think they deserve respect.

(rektgg) #26

Does bbh have a discord or teamspeak?

(OOF) #27

Yeah they kicked me out tho if you see iamnobody ask him he will add you


■■■■ no they kicked me out

(Sacred) #30

We have a skype group

ask 2k about it

(Shad0ws / Jon) #33

Same thoughts on that aspect.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #34

People have tried this many many times and did it work?

(dalton) #35

Need an Oldgen reunion…ioa vs goog showdown one last time

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #36

I would def go for IOA if that happened lol.

(dalton) #37

Haha, I wish.

(cryptic) #38

I’d like to see that for nostalgia’s sake.


Cryptic, it’s been like 10 years, bro, how are you?


You still in NYC?

(cryptic) #41

Jeez has it been that long. Yessir, still in NYC. You?


Well let’s see… It’s 2018 now… Everyone kind of left in 2008. I think we’ve bumped into eachother on posts like this, but not for some time, for sure. I live in Atlantic City have worked for a couple casinos out here, getting ready for the new one to open up. How are you doing, whatcha been up to?

(cryptic) #43

What position do you work at the casinos? Nothing much, just got off work. My gaming habits went from stick arena to dark souls lol.


Was bussing tables for 150-200 a night but that’s on hold for now. Usually go for restaurant positions not a fan of being directly involved with gamblers.

Never played that, my gaming habits just dissolved. I was never much of a serious gamer, though. Used to take this game wayyyy too serious when I played haha.

(cryptic) #46

It was fun though. I don’t think I ever took it too seriously, after a while it was less about being a “pro” and more about sledge ganking.


I would suggets more map making competitions everyone wants a builder and also putting this game on steam to not only preserve the game but get constant traffic to it as well.