Making Stick Arena Active Again

I had read a post a few days ago about reviving BBH & It got a ton of support.
It would’ve gotten way more feedback it a certain someone didn’t have to be a princess & close the thread.
Anyways, the game that once had on hundreds, maybe even thousands of players on at once, is literally on its last stand. This is easily because the lack of communication between the community & the developers. Now I am aware I sound like a whiny little ■■■■■ right now, but if im being honest, im speaking for the community. Don’t get me wrong here, I love XGen & Im glad they still release games & are still around after all these years, but seriously, what is so hard about checking on the game at least once a month? I know flash is somewhat “dead” now that there are so many other consoles & games that it just feels obsolete to play Stick Arena, but there is still a die hard community who will always be fans of stick arena & XGen, why treat them like they dont exist? Stick Arena is the biggest reason XGen is even alive right now & this is how they thank us? I understand that you guys are busy with a lot of other things at the moment, & im very thankful you had got us a new forum, but please give us an eye.

These are just a few things that could possibly bring activity to Stick Arena.

  • On the first weekend of the month, give players a “Labpass weekend.” This will keep the newer players around & it can even convince them to purchase a labpass.
  • Give Red (Mousy) the priviledge to give players labpass days & creds. Since he hosts tournaments twice a week, I think giving him this feature will make davids job way easier in the long run.
  • Holiday spinners on the holidays. I think this is a terrific idea because it gives people a reason to want to log into Stick Arena, at least for that day.
  • Change/Eliminate the color hack rule. I know this is highly unlikely, but if a player wants to risk his account to get these colors, then let him. Worst that can happen is they learn their lesson by losing their account. I personally think this is the biggest problem today & can be fixed so easily.
  • In-game clan system. Exactly as you read it, this is just a wish list feature but seriously, we can all agree that this would be so awesome & efficient.
    Thank you.

On the first weekend of the month, give players a “Labpass weekend.” This will keep the newer players around & it can even convince them to purchase a labpass.: this is ok minus the loss of PROFIT

Give Red (Mousy) the priviledge to give players labpass days & creds. Since he hosts tournaments twice a week, I think giving him this feature will make davids job way easier in the long run.: Giving a regular user access to the stick arena database? looooooooool???

holiday spinners: good idea, i support it!

ingame clan system: @Ryan wya Ares

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I appreciate your interest in SA, however calling out a Mod in that way is completely inappropriate. You can disagree with a Mod but there is no need to resort to name calling.


I agree he shouldn’t have dissed a mod like that but that’s all SA is everyone roast each other talks violent and gets away with it because that’s the only people left and Kendry and duals and Luis actions arnt okay if it’s on forums or in-game you guys just believe everything they tell you you the devs should be listening to the community as well as the mods you made a deal with Michal and he has stopped besides the suicide hacking he’s does in-game and the rules need to be rewritten with everyones option in a reasonable chat before I began to ramble I want to see good things for this game but a huge problem is the devs and people who play the game mods don’t even play they sit in lobby and talk crap then ban when they get roasted this needs to be fixed

How dead is it?

In my opinion it’s getting worse as summer ends used to be 15 plus people on at 6 o’clock centeral now there’s like 5

I’m not trying to be mean, but it’s extremely hard to read your run-on sentence with no punctuation.

We did make a deal with him, but he blew it. And he’s still doing nonsense that’s getting himself banned.

If you mean using the community’s inputs for the rules that won’t work out well. Everyone would have different opinions about everything and it would all be scrambled.

I don’t always sit in the lobby. Granted my mod account hardly leaves the lobby, but that’s because I’m running around the servers on alts and playing games to keep and eye on everything and everyone, not to sound stalkerish. That and stuff behind the scenes. I see more than what you probably think.


As much as you ban me your the only good mod idk why you stick up for dual and since your resigning it’s gunna suck sa gunna probably die lmao

Oh yeah Ares, I remember that. People kept asking XGen for a clan system so I spent over 2 months making a fully automated one and Robyn even gave it a spot on the domain. How many people ended up using it? Zero - not a single person.

It doesn’t matter what features get added, the player base is already gone.

Schall you really shouldn’t resign. Leaving us with unfair moderators like Dual… At least you wouldn’t ban for every little thing you didn’t like. Seriously dude think harder on this decision, please. @Schallmeister

Yeah schall I agree with air dual and Luis are gunna make SA terrible don’t leave and I’m even great ful when you ban my ACC but don’t disconnect me from lobby so I can still talk to people

Luis is an excellent moderator. One of the best the game has seen, if you report a hacker he looks into it. He takes his job seriously (in the good way) & actually MODERATES the game unlike Dual. Schall & Luis are two mods that i’d keep on my roster & build around them.


Don’t ban this but Ban Boxheads thread lol?

It’s dumb I know. But get over it, both of the threads we have made are pointless at the end of the day. It’s not like a dev is going to do anything.

Only thing I have against Luis is that he gets a little to sensitive you call him a turtle and that’s a 30 minute ban

It wasn’t dumb to close the bbh thread lol people were just bringing the same thing to the table just going around in circles at least y’all got an answer from Scott. Plus, this should’ve been in the request thread I think air just made this because he thought it would get the same attention as the bbh thread.

It did get the same attention obviously. Scott replied, he saw it. Thats the objective. Yes it is dumb to close that thread when a perfectly fine argument was taking place within the community. If we didnt have arguments we could never find solutions & the community will remain diverse. Communication is key @Epicure


The man just told you to not call mods any names lol and the perfectly fine argument was discussed everyone got their answer. Hence, it was closed.

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Being mod in 2017 is a joke in general they deserve very minimal respect they won’t leave us alone to do us

And this is when things get heated.