Make a top ten again best bbh


Including yourself at first would’ve been a great start


BBH top 10 are:

1: N3rd
3: N3rd
4: N3rd
5: Grillz
6: N3rd
7: N3rd
8: RattyVlogger
9: N3rd
10: Dragonsupremo

(tyler louis) #24

i think i should make one cause i know who probally top ten (this) is not the list just the people who are gonna be on it
now this is not in order just want to let you know but all the people i see that mostly win the wanted games and (note) this is for people playing right now this is for active players so if they dont play that much dont except them to be on the list and i might have missed a few people but these are the people winning alot of games and im not being bias by puting my self in i have won a lot of games but i would put my self like 9-10 because even though i win alot i do have shoes and if you dont think i should be on there thats fine i wont be on there its gonna be more like a vote thing and ill try to do my best to not be bias i already know how this order will go and if you think you should be on the list your gonna have to prove it beating someone 1 time dosent mean your better than them and if n3rd could help me that would be helpful.

(Ddmasterkiller) #25

Sorry but, its hard to read run-on sentences.

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #27

Bring Boxhead Council back

(Jiren The Gray) #28


My top 16 (Not in order), i wish these 16 players can go all out in a game, 2017-18 dream team perhaps? xd doubt it never gon happen but these are my top 16 for now.


After careful consideration I have decided that below is my top 10 - in my very humble opinion. Thanks Reventon.

(Master Oogway) #31

@N3rd erase DragonSupremo he cant be on any list until he stops using lag no jutsu -_-


loool xD No promlem! ;D

(Jjb96) #33

Don’t forget da best :grin:


Hello, my buddies. My top 10 list.

  1. N3rd
  2. Sacred
  3. Wazz
  4. Champ24j
  5. Viper
  6. Rouce
  7. RedMist
  8. Drone
  9. Derk
  10. Ray

(AngryNinny) #36

in no order:

  • Xam
  • Meat
  • N3rd
  • Stankgry
  • Angrye
  • Wolftamer
  • Aurora
  • Borg
  • Champ
  • Drone
  • Wazz
  • RayLavora
  • Dhcj100197

(nooga) #37


i think my “tiers” version is the only real way to rank people because then we don’t get into squabbles over rank #4 and #3 or whatever when the difference is marginal anyway. people in a higher tier have a much better chance to win a game and people in the same tier have similar chances to win (also shoes usually make you move up a tier). i think the tiers i had went something like

goat: n3rd, connorblack

god tier (no order): jesus, nooga, wolf, champ, stankgry, ray, probably wazz now too

inbetweener tier: ninny when he plays good doesn’t really belong in demigod but he’s also inconsistent so i’m putting him here

demigod tier: seismic, angrye, sacred, jett, reventon, probably evildrone now, all the others im forgetting

decent tier: pretty much everyone else nowadays since all the real scrubs have quit by now

theres definitely people im forgetting since this is off the top of my head so i could edit this if anyone wants to reply but n3rd is definitely in his own tier tho that’s all i know.


If there’s each tiers for top 10 list, here’s my list (in no order)

Diamond tier: N3rd, Stankman (in his prime), AngryNinny, Viper, Rouce, 808Blah, Jivdana (in his prime) Aurora.Light(in his prime), Sacred, and KevinAndrez96 (in his prime)

Gold tier: killa, Nooga, RedMist, Shift, Amrase, iamanidiot, Drone, Chubear (prime), Wazz, and Meat101

Sliver tier: Derk, Ray, Ddmasterkiller, Bossi97, Dereck, Angrye, Ash369, Mooiboymaarten, Moodavid, and Luke

Bronze tier: AutomaticReload, Bella, Atmos, Sexy, campers, noobs, stalkers, spammers, trollers, and hackers

I honestly forgot about some boxhead players because I don’t play boxhead so much. If you don’t like my top 10 list, please change my mind :grin:


I am the G.O.A.T.

(Jiren The Gray) #41

Goat: AngryNinny

Legend: AngryNegro

Master: AngryNinny

Pro: AngryNegro


(2k10adderr) #42

This is the problem with the state of boxhead today, these newgens putting people they’ve never seen play in tiers. Drone and redmist DO YOUR JOB. You have just left these newgens unchecked and are now doing ridiculous ‘lists’. And shame on the 4 people that hearted this. Valentin, clearly the california sun has got to your head because there is some very odd selections in this. For starters, you’ve ranked stankgry twice. You never got to see Amrase play, let alone JV, aurora and chubear. Smh smh smh valentin this is disappointing i expected better. Wolf you’re not innocent in this too.


He put Blah at diamond tier what else do you expect?


thank you 2k, I appreciated this post


Thanks for putting me on your list