Make a top ten again best bbh

are we gonna make another bbh top ten again ? just asking

What do you mean?

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I feel like I need to hit you with a top 10 dictionary.

I think he means top wanted ? that’s what I hear in BBH.

Probably, I don’t see anything else it could really be.

He probably means that hof list N3rd made.
But I don’t think that should be made till next year.

I think it should never be made.

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Making the HoF/top 10 list like I did before would be fairly easy and wouldn’t take a lot of time. However, I don’t want to deal with a bunch of salty kids who are going to cry about the fact that they didn’t make it into top 10, yeah I’m talking about you: Angrye and Co.

That being said, we can all unanimously agree that SacredSong is and always will be #1. Legend.

Did I cry about not making it? I don’t recall

EDIT:But i can see why angrye complained about not making it. He was better than a few people on that list

Where exactly did I mention your name? I’m not talking about you.

He was pointing fingers at angrye, famy, Derk, arctic, bambodavid, xxtermini etc…

Out of these people (N3rd, Stankgry, Nooga, Wolf, Jesus, Ray, Champ, Viper, Seismic, Jett and Owen), do you seriously think Angrye was better than any of them at the time? Objectively speaking, you’d have to be a fool to think Angrye had the upper hand on any of these players at any point of the game. I’m sure any reasonable, non-biased person will tell you the same thing.

But again, you’ve just illustrated my point that people are going to cry (“Oh I’m better than X and Y, I beat them 3 times yesterday, blah blah”). Most people overestimate their abilities anyways and I don’t think we should be promoting this dogfight. A list will just create endless arguments and we don’t need a list to prove how “good” we are or feed our egos. Just relax, enjoy and play BBH. If you’ve got something to prove, it should be in-game, not having a fight over a worthless list on forums. This is coming from someone who thought the HoF was initially a good idea.

I hope you understood where I’m coming from.

there are legends in BBH?

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but sacred was a hacker :confused: just like a few of them other players and some of those dudes diddent even play anymore and they was on the list and even in sports people are always saying they are better than someone else when there probbaly not people always gonna complain

So why should we have to deal with the complaining in the first place if we don’t have to at all? Just play the game and have fun. Topics like these are always subjective anyways.

The Sacred part was a joke, he’s obviously not #1…

This ^^.

I mean, if you’re so keen on making a Top 10 list then by all means go ahead. Post your Top 10 list in this thread (in your opinion and try to justify each player’s position). At least if you justify each player, you’re not plucking out players from the air.

So yeah, post your Top 10 in your opinion below if you wish, and explain each choice. It would be great if everyone could accept each others differences in opinion and not argue or complain. Once again, a list means nothing and holds no real value, its truly a subjective topic and should be treated as such.

okay here we go:

10: CONNORblack: he made this list for his 24/7 concern regarding Jett’s location
9: Dronel’s Poach: for being the first player to have an apostrophe in his name
8: Meent: undisputed #1 in the trolling department, was also good at shooting
7: Ddmasterbator: good at box head, and good name
6: Oneillespagaroaganwoawowowagoza: all skill, no lag
5: Elmago: he was impossible to beat due to his mighty flamer
4: GoldenGod: all skill, no hack
3: IRONT.MONEY: very good at shooting the gun, etc.
2: TheBestHacks: a true trailblazer in the hacking department
1: ANGRYEGIRL80: simply legion dairy


Tbh Drone shouldn’t even be at the top because he just poach and all you fools just let him as if its cool. The top player should go to people who play like Champ, N3rd, Angyre,Ray. the put effort in all they games unlike drone maybe once in awhile drone starts shooting.

Are you being serious?

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Being deadass. I watch him and zack poach all the time . @Ddmasterkiller