Lost Stickarena/Xgen Account

Disclaimer: I haven’t logged into my xgenstudios account in maybe two years

I tried to login to Stick Arena today, only to discover none of my three passwords worked. When I tried to do a password recovery, it said my email didnt exist. I made a new account with that email, but I already have emails from xgen studios from the past five years.

My main question: is this probably a result of the hack? Or can accounts be automatically deleted after some time?

More info: I tried to make a new stick arena account but it said my old username was taken… which is unlikely, I think. The name was ‘hoboskinner’ (as is my forum name, I think), and I’v used it on a bunch of other games, never having it pop u as already used. But when I made this Xgen account, it was available.

Any insights are greatly appreciated. I had a lot of dope spinners, some of which I may have spent some money on (I can’t remember), and I also designed some maps that I liked.