Long Time Coming

This is weird for me. I never thought I’d actually say any type of goodbyes when it came to Stick Arena or XGen for that matter. I’ve always usually found some sort of motive to comeback to the game and be active in the community. I could write a lot about the past 5+ years or so. A lot of history and changes that came in that short amount of time. First, I would like to say Thank you to all of you. When I say all of you I mean each and every single one of you. I may not know you all of you, and may or may not like all of you either, but sharing and playing matches with or against you guys was fun while it lasted. It really feels just like yesterday when I was playing pit matches or getting rekt in HQ etc. Time has gone by quick and this decade is nearly over. I’ve decided to move on from Stick Arena though. There’s x amount of motives, but that’s for me to keep to myself. Maybe I’ll return in the future seeing as how I‘ve usually left the door open to come back. Despite that I’ve been inactive for months so I decided to make it official for now. I’d like to think it was a long time coming though. I’d also like to Thank all of you again for the moments I’ve shared with any of you guys, even if they didn’t seem so memorable. I hope the best for all of you. :+1:t4::100:



Oof, now Du0.

I respect your decision and wish you good luck in life bro



We had some good times in pit for sure. Peace man


Good luck with everything man!
Hope to see you again in the future :wink:


you can never leave

you still gonna make custom spinners though right? @Agent_Kaze

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@grasp85 Yeah man, I decided that I will make spinners but most likely not going to be active on Stick Arena unless I have free time.