List of MMOcha Moderators

Question – How do I become a moderator?

Answer – We will ask you through the forums. Asking any of us if you can become a moderator is not a good way to get selected, and can even hurt your chances. However, these are several things you can do to significantly improve your chances of getting selected:

  • Register an account on the forums! We cannot stress how important this is. The forum is a much slower-paced environment than the lobby, which makes it easier for us to learn about you and keep track of your activities. Through this, we can much more easily determine if you would be a good candidate based on the content of your posts, the way you conduct yourself in a more mature environment, and most importantly, how helpful you can be to the community. Additionally, the moderation team communicates almost entirely through the forums, which makes having an account essential.

  • Be helpful, and be active! As mentioned above, this is a very important quality. If another member asks a question, try to offer a solution with the most detail possible. Involve yourself in discussions, offer your opinions, but be respectful about it. Knowledge about the game (not just gameplay!) is crucial.

  • Catch hackers and scammers! Though this isn’t exactly necessary, having a sizable hacker log will help you stand out against the crowd. Download a screen recorder such as Camstudio, upload the videos to YouTube, and post your videos in the Hackers/Scammers sub-forum. Important note: Please do not report players that are not either a hacker or a scammer.

Please note that moderators are selected on a need-to basis; selection periods are few and far between. We do not know when the next selection period will occur.

Question – Are you currently recruiting new moderators or looking for people?

Answer – Yes. Although we are not taking applications, we are always on the lookout for potential candidates.

Question – How can I contact a moderator to clarify the reason for my ban?

Answer – You may send a Private Message to a moderator on the forums. Do not make a thread about it, as it will be locked.

Question – How many moderators are there and who are they?

Answer – Here is a list of our current Moderators:

Ava (God)
Brunello (Wolf)

XGen Studios employees: