King of Sticks - 3/10 6 PM ET, 2v2 [COMPLETED]


Sign up here to participate in the first 2v2 tournament of this season for King of Sticks.

Sign up with “/sign [your username] and [your partner’s username]”. Teams who sign up will be prioritized in seeding.

Tournament Format

  • Double Elimination Bracket
  • Each Round is Best 2/3; Finals is Best 3/5

Tournament Time and Place: Saturday, March 10th, at 6 PM ET, in Cartesian Republic

Note: Prizes will be put onto the account that you play on during tournament day.

Tournament Rules:


  • 1st - 5000 Cred, 10 day LP
  • 2nd - 3000 Cred, 7 day LP
  • 3rd - 2500 Cred, 3 day LP
  • 4th - 2000 Cred

Note that these prizes are different from Singles tournaments. Please see the King of Sticks - Spring 2018 Information Thread for more details.


  • 1st - 12
  • 2nd - 10
  • 3rd - 9
  • 4th - 8
  • Participant - 6


Partner up, and good luck!


Hey everybody, just a quick reminder that the tournament is going to be soon, on Saturday at 6 PM in Cartesian Republic.

Remember that you can show up without a partner. We will find a partner for you there by randomization, or you can choose one to play with out of the loose people that show up.

However, try to remember that to qualify for the EXCLUSIVE SPINNERS at the end of the season, it is best to keep playing with the same partner. You are free to win prizes each week by playing with different teammates, but you cannot collect points as an individual with different teammates. The Top 3 Teams with the most points will qualify for the exclusive spinners (and some additional free LP days).

See you guys soon!


/sign Freeway


Sorry I’m planning to play with someone else. I’ll take your signup by yourself though.

/sign HateMe and HeatMe

(not stickdude) #5

/sign unlocked




The Tournament today has concluded. Here are the big winners!

  • 1st - GOD/IC3, 5000 Cred, 10 LP
  • 2nd - Ash/Sin, 3000 Cred, 7 LP
  • 3rd - Justdie17/Himon, 2500 Cred, 3 LP
  • 4th - HeatMe/HateMe, 2000 Cred

Thanks for playing! 1v1 next week!

(Schallmeister) #9

The above prizes have been handed out.

Thanks for playing guys!

(Shane) unlisted #10

listed #11