Justice for Koli20

My friend Koli got banned by PeurtoRico on Stick Arena for being in an alting game and staying in it, i don’t think that’s cause for a one week ban, and especially since it’s december and everyone is having seshes, he will feel left out now and be sad?

Plus isn’t he supposed to get a warning first, puerto didn’t give him one he just said ‘dude’ in the lobby and koli asked him what was up, he didn’t reply back and smacked him with the ban hammer and that seems kind of lame since the game is dead af without active euros to liven up the ghost town that is stick arena.

I ask that you please unban him as he’s honest and is an important part of the community, he hasn’t hacked or done anything bad, i feel like the person who made the alt game should be punished and not some guy who just happened to join and stay in the game.


Free koli…

Side note… why is a boxhead mod also a mod on stickarena, two separate games and different qualifications… no? But 🤷.



Feeding players is just as illegitimate as alting, so you will receive the same punishment as alting. The player feeding will receive a one week ban first offense, while the one receiving the kills will be reset.

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Given what you just said, you’re just confirming the reason he was banned as legitimate. The other player has been perma’d, again, for jitbitting. I can arrange for an account reset if you prefer, though I don’t think he’d like to lose his almost rank 9 account.

Regardless the scenario, the other user in the game isn’t allowed to even alt due to his history with illegitimate ranking, which I’m sure pretty much everyone knows by now. I think we were actually pretty lenient with this. I don’t plan on resetting Koli for this, if this makes you feel any better.

Not to mention it looks like you were doing the same thing.

That doesn’t make it okay to be taking in kills like this. You’re basically asking us to allow someone to illegitimately gain kills, meanwhile others are actually playing against each other fairly.

Reasons being:

  • Making a Boxhead only mod requires me to go through the devs to make them Boxhead only mods.

  • The only option I have when granting moderator is to grant moderator to both Stick Arena and Boxhead.

  • I went ahead with making them Stick mods as well because Boxhead is pretty restricted with their bans (16 hour bans max, can’t ban players that are in a match). Having them mods on Stick Arena allows them to ban the hackers or whoever else they see on Boxhead for a week, max (since they’re only level 1), and also whether or not the hacker is online or not.

  • What’s wrong with having extra eyes? They caught someone jitbitting.

If you guys are wanting justice you can either take the reset like it’s stated in the rules, or ride out the week ban.


we’ll take the one week ban, but how are we even supposed to know that’s the guys alts in that game and not just afkers in a uri? mods literally uri themselves.


When you’re not an an anti-cheat you disconnect after 2 minutes flat - it had been over 2:30 in that screenshot. The player jitbitting doesn’t make a single move outside of the one used over and over - it’s the program. All three accounts they have in that game in the screenshots are/contain his known usernames, and the 0-18 score is a good giveaway of what’s going on too. Looking closer at the other accounts, I think the player was actually there, but it’s the same punishment.

Do you mean urinal together with one another or by theirselves with alts? There’s a difference.


But we don’t know who that guy is lmao, we are euros so maybe if we were American the ban would be warranted, never saw any or those accounts in my life. maybe the guy who was 0-18 went to the bathroom or he said he was gonna go feed his cat and he happened to dc a second after that screenshot was taken.

And I’ve had a mod kill me in uri when I just sat in a uri on eac for a game doing nothing, I don’t actually think anyone cares about leaderboard rankings ppl just wanna 2v2 k

Anyways we will take the ban thank you for replying, I love you schally wally.


Just let it go guys. Let’s not make things worse.