Join Qanta today:

(Chris.kamara) #1

hey guys it me Qanta im here today to make a group like the told days when we had wanted gruops an other gruops, well u got my point . away im trying make a group with 16 wanted that are willing to be online most of the ther can be a wanted game going on everytime ppls get on…an for ppls that goin be port of my group will be giveing free xcash off me every 1 month xcash are up to 850 only for the beast in the group only will get 850 for being the top beast on my group an the other will get 250 xcash a month for being port of the group an being online most of the time .Pm me Qanta in game labby BBH when u see me…also this group mite help for wanted to be online most of the time also… p.s i work so i get payed to buy xcash for yall lalalala XD

B.W. Mamber list

0/16 Mambers

Pm Qanta to join my crow Box .warrior

(Ddmasterkiller) #2

Im the first Mamber of the crow, let’s get this popping
Don’t waste your hard earned money on this if you was actually planning to lol.

(Chris.kamara) #3

iigh bet we need 15 more now

(Chris.kamara) #4

an since the new update on xgen forums i dont even know wher to find the create a group;/ im still loooking like can u send me a link to it if u have

(champ) #5

lets get it :sunglasses:

(Jairo) #6

can someone close this thread, thanks

(Schall) #7

How do you plan on giving the XCash out?

(Ddmasterkiller) #8

He was going to log into peoples account, lol totally wasn’t going to work.


MEMEMMEMEMMEMEME i wanna i wanna i wanna

(Schall) #12