Is everyone hiding in the Lab Pass server?


Hello everyone,

I’ve played this game since 2008 under various different names; Zertix and Venerath being the most notable.

I want to try and get back into this game but no one ever sees to be online whenever I log in, does everyone play on the exclusive lab pass server or am I missing a trick?


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No one is hiding in the lab pass server. If you were a european you should to play best at night, because of our time SA is little active.

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While Stick Arena Competitive Season 1 is nearing its end, there’s still time to chart in the top 100 and earn Lab Pass days. View the Season 1 High Score Table here. Your MMOcha must be verified in order to chart in the top 100. Use this link to verify your account—Click “Log In” then click to navigate to the screen where you may enter your e-mail address to receive the verification e-mail.

Good luck

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