If You "Idolized" Another Player, Who/Is It?

I would have to put .,oz,. as the player I followed the most. He was WAY ahead of his time with the way he played the game. (2009)

I became friends with him in 2010 & thats when I would take “Pro” advice from him. :100:

Not really Idolized but I took a lot from playing with guys like Nick, Kami and o3. Had to pay attention closely when watching them play and man it taught me a lot.

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Yeah same with emir, not really idolized , but i took a lot of really good advices from Jada/Kism. Only guy that i pay attention to from his 2v2 sense of knowledge. Taught me a few pointers. Another player is Lite, he would also give me a few tips on 2v2 and stuff. Other things like 1v1 , i would just watch other experienced players play, and learn from them.

It would probably either be anubis or goebbels


Never really idolized anybody. I guess I’d say I learned the game from “Smoke” in 2007. Ten years ago. Holy good god. DarkSinz, Whitey, Scarlet, and picked up some advice from various clan leaders throughout my career.

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I feel that, when I was in Smoke that’s when I started to get good. Medina taught me so much.

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Mr.sweettea was my insprition for years. Henetys is a person, if i recall changed this way i treat this game. Codfish is a reason for a being i still play this game.


What is your SA username, if i may ask?

I don’t play SA as much as I use to but back in the 2013 time I use to idolize some naruto guy, He had a very long name and all i can remember is the Naruto part. He was very cool and calm and had some pretty good skills.

i mean they’re okay…but satan…he tops them both!!


calciumfire is the best player to ever touch this game.

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In addition I also idolized Glenn, he was one of the few who took the time to come from SA and learn and master BBH.


I learned A-LOT from terror.kruemel , I had him as a clan leader back in the old days.

But to be fair I Idolized the whole SA community they were all nice an respectful. Even though Boxhead is a better game :stuck_out_tongue: The SA community is wayyyy better and polite and non toxic. I solute you guys

satan… lol


Wishing this was the old forums so i could put what you said as my sig lol

forever missing the old forum ):

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This new forums is in Beta, there is still a very slim chance that whoever owns this site will make the code the exact same as it was before so that the lay out and features are the exact same. I’m not saying it’s going to happen but theres a slight chance :stuck_out_tongue:

Im hyped that this got 20 replies! Some faces i haven’t seen in awhile commented & thats pretty awesome to know some of you still care about the community.:100:

A person I would say I idolized was Sky/Father, the AK-47 plays he had were glorious.

I idolized Ido too lol :heart_eyes: