If you could bring anyone back to SA who would it be?

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:arrow_up:or another question could be: Who would you want to see return to the game?


Flu, Daveee, Kevin, Demon.

(Lexus(17)) #3

Ford- Maybe he doesn’t have a high opinion like a player. However I know what a good man he was. I meet him in late 2010 and it was my first real friendship on SA. We still have contact, but out of the game.
Wolmers12- It was person i could always count on him. We played together same maps. We did rank 15 almost the same time. Additionally I was on him rank 15 party .
Yuj333 - I learned from him lots things about SA. He was like my teacher here. For me he was true legend. Definitely one of best players from my country.
Yax- I meet him in early 2011, at first I tried to talk with him in German when I was on high school, since 2013 year we decided talking on in English. I remember we shared fews account. Thanks to him I liked hammer and urinal maps.
Champi0n -He used to make me feel better during playing a game. Very positive and crazy person from Norway. Probably I played with him most time in 2013.
80Kidz- Since 2012 played with her a lot of games. She was one of fews people what liked to play all maps. W had smillar music taste too.
Krzychu1800- At first we didn’t have good relations he treated me in advance, and I thought about him like “a pro clear blood”.
However we became friends. He motivated me most of all players. If not him advices im not sure I could achieve something more than rank 7.
Oli_12 - Best creator map from my country. Probably one of most valuable person I played.
These memories we were talking all evenings and meet all aspects of SA will never forgotten.
I would like could bring REAL legends to Stick Arena too such as: Mr.sweettea, Nauj15, Icyslayer, Deathpre, Superbrawlpikachufan, Deziedezz.

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Good Question/Topic🤔

I would bring back a lot of people honestly. A few key names i’d love to see make a return, is this one guy named luckster98. He got permanantly banned for alting at rank 12 in 2010 & I never saw him again. He was a good friend & we always used to trash talk eachother just for the fun of it.

Another would be .,oz,. - I tried my hardest to mimick his game & he even showed me a few basic things back in 2012 when I was just learning the competitive/clan aspect of Stick Arena.

Last but not least, Afroman32. Arguably the funniest guy on Stick Arena, & because of that, we became good friends. The crazier thing about that, is we used to fight in the lobbies 24/7, until we found a similar interest (Basketball) in 2014. Everytime id see bro we’d be laughing & talking about sports, or just roasting eachother for the fun of it. Good times, I just hope bro is doing good.:100:


Dam bra afroman. Memories, real cool dude.

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I’d love to see my friend LunaWolf again. I taught her my good 'ol hammer tricks and she moved on to be one of the best pit players known to mankind.

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Honestly if the game was still poppin. I would bring back Ryan the mod first and foremost because of the contributions and care he had brought to the game. In my opinion he set a goal for other mods to follow and kept everything non-bias and professional when it came to tournaments. The guy made a cool program for crying out loud.

Second, probably my homeboys I came up with from the bottom. They know who they are.

Third, The loyal members to my clan like Muppet, Ashbrook, Asspy, WiL, Asg, Frazure and some other names I can’t come to mind right now.

Finally, probably the more competitive players who gave made tournaments fun and overall made good videos to post on youtube (hehe). People like Cutie, Ava, Covi, Doom Etc.

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I would like to bring back edd to stick arena because at the prime of his carrer in stick arena he was the best and left an impact on stick arena and many people looked up to him and his clan was doing great as well and even tho his ego was high he stil respected his players and im sure if he returned to stick arena he would wrek the current top player like a walk in the park he was truly a legend and the best player in terms of skill in stick arena edd has won many many tournaments and won the last tornement he came back and won it all the current top players lost to a retired player who just came back for fun and made them look like they just started

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Thank you very much. I didn’t mention him, because of we played last weekends together. Don’t think Henri will play like old days. However i still hope to see him at least a couple days on month. I think it’s real.
Regards Poizzz.

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I would bring back Afroman32


Bring him back, like your hairline.

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I’d bring back my internet

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I would bring back root !
(I’m joking, of course XD)

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Mtn. Easy.