I wrong map glitched in Stick Arena

I wrong map glitched in Stick Arena. That was not me hacking.

I played Stick Arena Dimensions on Steam. It continued having me wrong map glitch until the round ended, and then the next round it put me in the same map as everyone else.

I originally thought that the other guy was hacking, but then saw that they all appeared to walk through walls. Then when they accused me of hacking, I figured out what that was. (Wrong map glitch.)


You must not know this, but this is nothing new. This can happen on any client, even the website (it has happened to me many countless times). When this happens, I suggest leaving the current game and rejoining. It usually happens when someone is hosting cycle games, and you join before the timer is at 5:00, but sometimes it just happens randomly.

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I’ve known this for maybe 15 years now? I was just posting so that Schall would see this if anyone accused me of anything.


Nah, people can’t use the report feature anymore, and they don’t have proof. You’ll be fine.

And random games too I think.

It’s pretty easy to identify if someone is map glitched by the way they’re walking around, so if we see anything you’ll be fine.


I don’t have enough info to say this for sure, but when I map glitch while using SA on Steam, it continues to glitch when I exit and re-enter, until the round has completed.