I just want my answer. Will Stick RPG ever come back?

Without any doubt, i never played a game that was better than stick RPG 2. this game is truely a masterpeice. It was just perfect for me. i found this game when i was 9 , come back all the time for the nostaligic fun that is this game, because of the everything. the job, the fighting, the story itself is so fun and feels like im in my own place, this is why im starting by saying, thank you xgen, you and your developers are amazing.

And i want my answer. i think this game has so much potential in its everything, to become this mainstream, and i feel not continuing is a mistake, yes i understand it took 7 years to develop, its a huge game but your forgetting that was when xGen was a smaller place, with smaller resources, but now it became something bigger, and truly i think that reviving the franchise could be a massive success. the idea itself of a new world , new life, in the way stick rpg is different and had something new in it, something im yet to see till this day.

So yeah. ill ask it. Will the Stick RPG Franchise be brought back in the future?


It took 7 years? lol I did not know that.

First of all: thank you!!

Second: we don’t have any plans for Stick RPG 3 at the moment, but it’s on our list of options in the future for sure.

That’s the best answer I can give you right now, sorry it’s not as concrete as you’d like it to be. Love the username!

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Considering that Stick RPG 3 will most likely fall into the chain of increasing dimensions, making a 4th dimension game will take some time even if they do start up on it.

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it’s actually the best answer! I always feared it’s an idea that simply was left alone and would stay like that, I’m happy to know you still consider it becoming a future game.

Don’t get me wrong, yes that is very logical, but always consider an option that this game could be developed at the third dimention , let’s say the same charicter from 2 comes back to this dimention for some reasons, yet this time he is in a much bigger place

Well, they did have the character travel in through a new portal, of which can be presumed by pattern that it would travel to the next dimension in line: the fourth. I do take your idea in mind however, seeing as there is a possibility in consideration of the fact we were given no preview of what it looked like in the next world. Though, I’m pretty confident that the portal was built for more than just a bigger area in the same dimension. I like your input.

Technicaly, at the end of the game we never know where he went. He may have traveled to a new dimention, yes, but since it was never said , there is always a chance he can go back to the forth dimention, “human dimention” , and come back to the third dimention.