Holiday Appreciation: Thank you XGen Studios

Hello everyone,

With the current holiday coming up, and with many of us experiencing the overwhelming feeling of giving back to our communities. Let’s take some time out to say thank you and appreciate of what XGen Studios has done for our gaming community.

Let me be the first to say, that we all know the dedication and hard work it takes to run a company like XGen, and we are all grateful for the memories that you all have given us from the games that you produce. Thank you XGen Studios for the creativity, devotion, and love that goes into every single one of your games.

Thank you XGen Studios Staff, @kaelyn @david @Jordan @Scott and everyone else at XGen, may your homes be filled with joy and warmth this holiday season.

On behalf of everyone to whom play your games,

Happy Thanksgiving :clinking_glasses:

thanks giving for us in Canada is in October, but nevertheless, happy holidays

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Thanks for this really nice message @Eminence. We really like receiving these words of encouragement always and are very grateful for our supporters like you who encourage us to keep making games.

Have a great American thanksgiving!


A company like Xgen deserves all the appreciation it deserves. I wanna say that im happy that xgen was created and all the games made on here it’s really amazing to see them take the time to make these, i really enjoy xgen games. So i wanna say thank you too @kaelyn and @Scott and the rest of the xgen team. Have a awesome thanksgiving!


Thank you for putting this post on the official XGen Studios twitter account. Spread the Holiday cheer with everyone who is not on the forums, bring the entire community together :sunglasses: !!!

If you aren’t already, Go follow XGen Studios on Twitter! Everyone have a Happy American Thanksgiving!!!

Also, S/O to @Cole for including the picture! #HappyAmericanThanksgiving


Your welcome @Eminence. I should have shared the picture and your name but I was trying to be mindful of your privacy.


Thank you to everyone in the xgen community, moderation, admin and developer team! Merry Christmas to Everyone and have a happy New Year! 2018 Stick Arena here we come!! :smiley: