Helping Find Old Friends

Hi, as the title implies I’m looking to get back in touch with some old friends so if anyone knows how to contact them please let me know (but only if they’re okay with it). Discord, FaceBook, perhaps even carrier pigeons? Whatever works.


IzzyLuvsUrMom (top priority)
Outlaw.Ryd3r.W1zMan2 (maybe it was ‘Ryder’ with an ‘E’)

EDIT: Also, Y3lloman for Dylan/Youngskeezey

Thanks so much, and fingers crossed!


The only one recall on that list I’ve seen recently online with TigerX102 but the rest, haven’t even seen them on here or the Discord.

Pretty sure the only one you need is me.


I remember there being controversy over whether or not that was the real Tiger…

it was som1 else

-13 days
-Barely 100 views
-No leads whatsoever
My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined. But mostly I’m just bummed out…

Someone send me a line in case the real dude turns up again. I still owe him a proper 1v1 set.

…Y’all vultures can turn that into some kind of Old Timers viewing or something. iunno. we’d probably both be rusty.

Hate to say it, but I haven’t seen any of these people since before or after we last talked on Stick Arena. Life moves on, lad.


Funny I just found this by searching my old username account on google after all these years lol… but I am Y3lloman. I lost my account and I haven’t played the game in years


I can help you get it back if you’d like. Just hit me up.


Johnny & michael… Legends


Used to play a long time ago. I assume a lot of you guys are still on hopefully? I used to go by Fon or …Freak.of.Nature… or Bobelator it’s been a long time though. I remember some replies from this thread.


“Hi, Izzy. I lost your number when my phone broke, and by then we had stopped using Xat and stuff altogether so I had no idea how to get back in touch. I really miss you, man. I asked around to see if any of our mutuals had your contact info, but no dice. I hope my words reach you, and that you’re doing well for yourself. I don’t check these forums often, but please send me a PM if you ever see this. I’ll be waiting <3”

“Hey Yasmin, man I swear, you were one of my favourite people around these parts. I don’t even remember when we last talked, I just know it’s been far too long. I’m sure you and I both have seen and done so many interesting things since the good ol’ days, but even then I still can’t help but wonder about you sometimes. I hope you’re well, wherever you are. I’d be more than happy to have you as part of my life again. I miss you girl, and Allen does too (even if he doesn’t admit it). So feel free to drop me a line if you ever see this!”


An old friend

Your boy still has his fingers crossed here! Also, hi Cortez and FON! Always good to see familiar faces!

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What’s up man? How’s everything? I almost forgot you were in Knights. Damn that was so long ago…

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Don’t think we really interacted but we played during the same time

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@Fon Hey! Life’s been pretty good, just far too hectic hahaha. Have my hands full running the business nowadays, but I just gotta hang in there until the lease is up! I went to Japan last August and it was the bomb, planning where I’m going next is what fuels me. (’: I’m thinking either London, Australia, or Vietnam. Haven’t decided yet. What about yourself? I’m sure you’ve been up to tons of interesting stuff since we ditched this game?? Also yeah, I almost forgot I was in The Knights too :stuck_out_tongue: I have Alan/Pimpin on FB, but I haven’t talked to him in years.

@Outlaw.Ryder.Lc Your name rings a bell. I’ve definitely seen you around at some point. Either way, good to see another fellow OG Compat alumni! You wouldn’t happen to have W1zMan’s contact info would you?


Unfortunately not, didn’t keep in contact with anybody unfortunately. Actually I think I might have Sticka and 1man’s info if you remember them. Compat was the ■■■■, I remember when MOP/Riot destroyed us as an introduction to fast server clans lol, we fell apart after that. Centaur was a damn good leader. Nexus was in ZeroGravity with me a couple years ago but haven’t heard from him since.
All I could find was this 1v1 of him with Sticka.


Not sure if I know 1man, but say hello to Sticka for me! If you’d be willing to ask him if he has W1zMan’s contact info, I’d truly appreciate that. He’s also welcome to add me on FaceBook or Discord or whatever if he’d like, same goes for you. Some of those names really do take me back though, oh man. I 1v1’d with Centaur my fair share, same with the other Outlawz leader Warlord/Rat who I went wayyy back with. I also used to talk with Sinner every now and then, though I don’t remember if we ever played. Pretty cool guy either way. I hope they’re all doing well, wherever they are.

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I’m an old friend. You gave me the account Sith.


Heya, ol’ buddy ol’ pal! I hope you’ve been well! Add me on Discord if you wanna catch up!!!

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