Goodbye Stick arena

I had already left but Raspy brought me back for a tournament and stayed for a little while but I don’t have the time to play this game anymore like how I used to…

Raspy: I want to thank you for bringing me back for this and for remembering me. i remember when i first met you it was when i won that 1v1 tournament and after that you were in FAMEHQ with Bears (Capone) you two declared war and I won 3 wars after that you disappeared I was curious where you went then one day I got on Feli and you were there waiting to get ownered cause you 2v1’d BHS/Ic3 lololol you came back with skill and ever since you been a good 2v2er after that we would no life SAS4 with the BHS/jay/ic3/tony/carlos lol good times man and after I left you would always leave a message in feli like ‘‘where u at noob’’ ‘‘we should sas4’’ then we happened to both be on then old members like Austin/Sect0r/Chris/Security/Tony/Malik got on for the ‘‘Reunion’’ lol.
Good player and good friend but… #youthetypetobringsomebodybackandleavethemhanging lol gg’s bro.

Rapt0r/Kills/Tony: I remember meeting this guy when he was rapt0r he wasn’t good but he was pretty known cause he 2v2’d all day back in 2013 then in 2014 Red created ParadiseSAB clan and it had good 2v2 players like Ant/Wil then I see Rapt0r? I’m like ah this should be easy holy crap did he know what he was doing the dude had the patience to wait 4 minutes to finally rush you and he had awesome corners so you couldn’t just rush him like that then after Feli winning the war I wanted pick this guy up but he went to PSN had to wait 5 months for that clan to die to finally bring him over and at that time me/Lite were winning Tournaments every week but then twice he couldn’t show up for the invites so I said to tony ‘‘play with me? ik you will dominate’’ won ourselfs worth of 1 year labpass with 40k creds then after that we won poly memorial CTF tournament (where we got our black assassins) bro tony you were definitely one of the best 2v2ers in 2014 to 2016 and you always stayed loyal to feli even after I left you didn’t join any clan after that. you are a good friend bro gg’s.

Ido: I met this guy through Juzo (not jzuo) I remember you creating your PS and we would be hanging there then you introduced town of salem to the entire clan so we all started playing it all day xD. bro I remember you being the nicest person in XAT if somebody wanted a namecolor you would give your own Namecolor to them and if they wanted a OG account on sa you would buy it for them and i’ll never forget you buying for me. you are an awesome person man i’ll never forget you.

Ashbrook: Lol this guy was fun to play with in 2014 he would say stuff like ‘‘ffs’’ ‘‘wtf?’’ ‘‘wow I’m done’’ but then he had to leave the game I never saw him again til 5 months ago, the dude is the same ash that left just got good at this game and I did see he had potential for that and I wasn’t wrong. bruh you gave me a hard time in every 2v2 we had your dodge/aim was something I had to respect if I wanted to take you down you are definitely one of the best players today gg’s dude.

Capone: damn bro we go back to 2012 if you think about it we were in the same clan with Omar (the real omarbarca) and .1.xgen.1. we weren’t that close or anything but we were always cool especially in Infamous with Shattered and after that Evo. you are a funny dude and if you really want to you can still become one of the top players today and i’ll never forget that time you used godmode lmao gg’s man.

Triamph: You came back bro nice! We weren’t that close or anything especially in 2L2Q you always got angry that I was the best player in that clan in 2013 lmao but after that we became friends that go way back to mid 2012 til now. bro I never told you this but you were definitely good 2l2q was lucky to have you too you were very known in 2013 to 2014 you weren’t a nobody and i’ll never forget that time you said ‘‘i wish you get herpes’’ lmaooo gg’s bro!

Lizbona: The only euro who got ownered in my clan and was voted/requested for this dude to be ownered the dude wasn’t the best player in the game he was in fact known as ‘‘the worst euro player lights.jr’’ but I didn’t care about that he knew how to handle things in the chat and people liked him and damn we go back to 2012 when I was bad lol. don’t got much to say but that you was chill to chill with xD. gg’s.

Chris: Another nice dude on xat he would randomly give out xats sometimes and gave purple to some dudes that I can’t remember but anyway you were one of the last members of feli i’ll never forget that you were always loyal til the end. and I remember when we warred together too lol you and ido always cared to ask if I was okay irl etc i’ll never forget you two.

To the dudes who I had fun with in SA and sometimes on Discord. Air, bruh I met you when you were ‘‘sn1pe’’ and octavio told me you were the legendary Oz i was like what! but then I find out you are just air xD but bro you definitely one of the best players now too bad we weren’t cool back then but thanks for inviting me to your discord! and you had asked twice why you are underrated it’s because you talk a lot of trash and nowadays I hardly see anybody talk trash so take that away and win tourneys you’ll be well respected dude. Recruited/Rec, dude I remember you and Carnita always 2v2ing in Dim lol after I left I heard your name and I thought you were Recordzzz but nvm you definitely have those fakes like Koolaid keep doing them and you’ll be better than koolaid.ggs bro fun 1v1s. Hateme, I can see you becoming better than the females we know nowadays all you need to focus on is your corners/2v2 sense/aim and dodge and there you go you can win tourneys ggs hateme. Cole bruh that tourney I swear we would of won it but loool my mouse qq I aimed straight for you lmao gg’s man you are interesting to play with and funny and i’ll never forget that ‘‘eat a big one for sa ya?’’ lmao. Raise dude we go way back to 2012 when you were ‘‘Guidor’’ we weren’t close but we would always say hi here and there and I don’t got much to say so gg’s raise. Red/Mousy bro I remember you in 2013 from brutality then Phoenix you always warred Infamous I think 60x? no joke lol but anyway you hosted the best tournaments and didn’t always do that ‘‘2 ties straight to aim’’ BS you know i’m not sure if this game would be up and running without you gg’s man good wars.
Eminence, bruh you staff? that would be a joke back then lmao but glad you came back as a normal person not as a troll xD.

Damn this game had a huge impact in my life I met so many people unfortunately I lost contact with a lot of them and I want to mention well known/good af players from my time…
Covi12345/one of the best 2v2ers of all time/Crowned as one of the best CTF players in 2013/awesome partner and friend. Shootunit/top 2 pit players 2012 to 2014 and was crowned as one of the best CTF players along with covi/me in 2013 too. jay/xgenassassin/jey this guy wasn’t my student he pretty much taught himself how to play the game and left as ‘‘a good aimer’’ awesome dude and my best friend. Antonio/WOA founder you and juvenile were one of those people who would get on and play 2v2s like if they were nothing… lmao this guy was funny in 2013 he thought I aa’d half of the community did back in those days. alright so I can’t mention all of the people or else I wouldn’t finish this so… Xgen/Kaeylyn Good luck with this game I get the feeling that this game is going to make a comeback soon and make sure you guys take care of Red/Mousy he’s def valuable to this game.

Bye everybody gg’s!


i love u rey !


We had a fun rivalry, to say the least. We had our ups & downs, im glad we finally moved past them & became friends. Thanks for the good, memorable ass 2v2’s brudda.

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Peace out bro,

Thanks for running Felicity for years and giving us a place were all of us could chat.

I wish you all the best in life <3


We have missed a valuable player to this community. It was always fun messing around with you and playing with you. Everyone will miss the times they had with you, whether negative or positive. I’ll miss you bro. #FeliUP


i will miss u forever :’( light a candle. [*]


Bye Ed :frowning: GL in life k.


aye rey, dont make a permanent desicion on a momentary feeling.

keep coming back bro, at least just to say hi.


I will definitely miss you

I remember all of those maze games we had.

All those xat chats

Very fun times. You always played.

Good luck!

Your friend Carlos


Bye have fun on leauge of legions


bye dude i play league too man. i wont be on top 10 by end of season anymore lol

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peace out edd, lmfaooo good times…

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3dd your the best bro your top 10 your a hot head ! your Dope bro… we played back in 2l2q, your more of a classic player this ik. I was new in those days, but you know i played old. top 5 aimer no doubt… A legend.


Farewell Edd. You were great homie, one of the few guys who actually still played 1v1s with the intent of sharpening up his skills instead of bragging rights ill always respect that. Felicity also was my favorite clan of this generation besides Hexagen of course, the players in that clan were highly competitive and I enjoy competitors. Good luck with whatever you wanna do in life fam!

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