Goodbye SA

Hello everyone, you may know me as uyt, others may know me as Trinity/Madara. I am here to thank everyone for those wonderful 7 years of playing stick arena. I had so many wonderful experiences in which I met so many wonderful people over the years in which I played this game.

@LeThanos, I want to start by thanking you for everything that you did for me and helped me accomplish on this game. We met 7 years ago yet we have stayed friends up until this very moment. You came to be one of the best friends I have personally ever had, one of the realest dudes I have ever met. I am grateful for all those late night deep conversations we had for all those years that I have known you.

@Lizbona, We started off on the wrong note, but you came to be one of the people I liked the most on this game. You helped me laugh a lot over the years when I felt down. You helped me improve at the game when I was absolutely ■■■■ at it. I appreciate the conversations we would have about our life views even though our views differ. You are one of my closest friends on this game and I am grateful for our time spent.

@Merk, U and I go way back, I never thought u and I would become close in any form and shape the way we started off. We were rivals and very competitive when we first met but truth be told we were both ■■■■ at this game together. The more I talked with you the more we became closer together. I remember our deep conversations together and I am appreciateful of them. I am glad I got to meet you regardless of the circumstances we did because you became one of my best friends.

@michal, Even though I used to be rude to u when I first met u, I started to appreciate u later on because u were a super kind person to me and u were there when I needed someone in 2019. I appreciate the time and effort u put into helping me when I most needed support bro. Ur one of my closest friends.

@wipey, U and I had our ups and downs together, sometimes my fault sometimes ur fault. But I am glad we got over it because deep inside ur an amazing person who honestly doesn’t differ much from the kind of person I am deep inside. I’m glad that we became close later on and that we are still close today.

@Itachi, I first met you when you were rank 15 on “Lotw” with that green spinner you had, I missed you so much when we both quit and I came back to the game. I am so glad I got to get in touch with you again this year, you are an amazing dude and one of my best friends on this game

Last but not least; @Emir, u were one of the first people I met when I first returned to this game. We met while playing “the pit”. We then started aiming together in RG, such amazing times man, I never knew it was gonna lead to something like now. Honestly you became like a brother to me, u and I voice chatted so much together and shared so much about ourselves with each other and helped each other out in so many of our dark moments. I am so grateful that I met u many years ago brother. U are my best friend on this game and sincerely someone I look up to inside and outside the game.

Farewell - Uyt.


Nothing but love brother :heart:


It was cool seeing you grow from many years ago in skill & in wisdom bro. Much love to you as well my guy. :fist:t3:



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