Goodbye My Toads, XGen Studios, and Stick Arena

Hello My Toads :frog:,

I’ve never really been good at saying Goodbye.

You can take this as me Leaving Forever and Resignation of being a Moderator.

Never thought this day would come. You all probably thought I would be here forever and keep everyone happy. Nothing lasts forever.

Its been a long 12 years… having fun, making memories, talking to everyone, and playing the one game that I loved through my good times and bad, Stick Arena.

Time for me to Step down as “Eminence” and to focus on more important matters in my life. This game and company will always be a huge part of my childhood. Reminiscing about the past as I’m writing this, and its bringing a smile to my face. Becoming a moderator and bringing back all the events, aspects, and old friends is what I love most about my time while playing this game.

There are so many moments, people, and memories that I loved about this game…

Just want to say how much I love and I’m going miss all of you. You’ve all made this the greatest years I could have possibly have, I would not change a thing. Going to miss all the friends (whether if we ended on bad or good terms) I’ve made on the Discord, Stick Arena, Forums, Tinychat, etc. I loved and am going miss all the laughs we shared on mic, and everything we all talked about. Just know that I’m not coming back on to Stick Arena or any XGen Studios games. Keeping this game active and going was something I liked to think of as being a good deed and giving back to the company that made my childhood for what it is. Yes, I may have gone overboard and did too much than anyone else in my position ever, but can you blame me? This is the game where we all met and the reason why we’re all friends to this day, even after all these years. I just wanted to be remembered as the guy who listened, brought back, and cared about the things the community wanted changed – and I did it.

Thank you to all the Oldgens, and newer players throughout the years that I spent time with.

I love all of you,

I’ll never forget any of you,

~ Eminence, 2006-2018
“Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you cannot do something in this life. Keep your head down and work hard at it and you’ll eventually get it.”


Eminence you was a good moderator, you’ve done things that I would’ve done if I was a moderator. You made everybody who wanted to stop playing because of the lag and the reset and inactivity and flipped it to making people want to play everyday to practice for your tournaments and other contests as well. I wonder know who else is going to go in the lobby and pass out free cool spinners now :frowning: this ■■■■ is sad. Stay up toad. You changed the community in the most positive way and I hope you come back to visit at least. Long Live Eminence.


pce “…eminence…”

edit: wtf it limits the 6 dots to 3


Throughout the many years I’ve played this game. I rarely had the chance to chat or have a match with you back during the ballistick/early dimensions days. Until recently, when I came back , I was able to meet you fully and have a match from time to time. Although it was short-lived, it was an honor meeting and playing with you during your final days of playing Stick Arena. I appreciate everything you did for this game and the community. I wanted to play matches together with you and other players more, but as you mention earlier nothing lasts forever. I wish you the best of luck for your next chapter in life.


Goodbye. Have fun never having a white spinner ever again. HAHA

No, but in all seriousness, you were great to have around. Thanks for contributing to the community.


I’m honestly a bit surprised to see this, you were a great contributor to the Forums and XGen Games and I have some good memories with you from the XGen Discord. It’s bad things happened between us and I’m sorry I took things out of proporsition with unneccesary words and actions.

You’re a great person and I hope you have a good one, sorry to see you go.


Goodbye Mr. Eminence.
Thank you for being important part of our community. Fully understand your decision.


Wish you good luck with your life. You did a huge favour for the xgen community and we all wish you the best. Feel free to come back in the near future :slight_smile:


Take care, Eminence. We started playing the same year, but we were never really friends because we both hung out with different cliques. I wish you good luck with your life and although I can’t tell you from personal experience that you were a good mod (due to the fact I took a 4 year break and just came back recently), I’m sure everyone else can vouch for you.


Good luck, Emi. It’s been a great time on SA, and other things XGen.


See you around emi. I’ve played with you a long time lol hope life treats you well


I will truly miss all the times you called me a toad in xat chats. Best of luck in life buddy.

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I never actually hated you even though you annoyed me on end a multitude of times. Thanks for always being there to listen to me rant about school and how much I hate the system. Love you <3


I will always remember the times when you would snipe me from a mile away and calling me a toad everytime

haha you were funny af man we would always crack up in Felicity chat with Lexi/Porny/Austin and all the peeps

This true toad will miss you.


…Not going to lie when I say I had my expectations at rock-bottom and you ended up contributing far more than I anticipated.

I’ll just stand by having you told off for the one singular thing I remember not liking you doing as a mod and leave it at that.

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