Global Map Conference #1 (Stick Arena Map Contest)

(Hell's Dragon) #50

@Yin I see, you are Zelda fan!

(Condom) #51

Username: condom
Account For Prizes: pocket
Map Slot: 5
Category: CTF
Map Name: Viper

(Condom) #52

Username: condom
Account For Prizes: pocket
Map Slot: 2
Category: 3v3
Map Name: Mass.Production

(Condom) #53

Username: condom
Account For Prizes: pocket
Map Slot: 4
Category: Aim
Map Name: Mind.Number

(☠) #54

Username: Le0
Map slot: 3
Category: Aim
Map Name: Dirt in your eye

Username: Le0
Map slot: 2
Category: Melee
Map Name: Spill

(Lizbona) #55

Slot 5
Category FFA/1v1
Map Name: Clar2

(Shad0ws / Jon) #56

Wait, did you just say “FFA/1v1”?
Those map categories can’t be alternated. You need to pick one.

(Kincaid) #57

Username: Kincaid1

Map Slot 1: “Mt. Melee”
Category: Melee

Map Slot 2: “Archipelago”
Category: Last Man Standing

Map Slot 4: “Evil Lair Isle”
Category: Free For All

Category: Creative Visual Design


Username: Rossignol
Map slot: 5
Category: Aim
Map name: Hidden.Island

("Welcome to the Jungle" - William Bruce Rose, Jr.) #59

Username: nonstopf
Map slot: 1
Category: Melee
Map name: Propulsed

Walkthrough tiles made in editor

(Shad0ws / Jon) #60

Hey, to all the guys that plan on hosting the next map building contest, I just want to say the next tournament should be a lot less longer, since this one has taken nearly half the summer just to finish up. In my opinion, a month would go a lot better than two.

It only takes people a day or two to actually make a map, so there’s a LOT of time left-over simply waiting for prizes.

(Kincaid) #61

The contest couldn’t end soon enough! I have several new ideas for map themes and 4/5 of my map slots are entered in right now! I so wish you could save maps as files and then just load them in as you please. Or just infinite map slots with a price cap of 1000 or 2000 credits.


Submitting this user’s map for him.

Username: snorlax
Category: Creative visual design
Map name: Gyarados
Map slot: 1

(☠) #63

Username: Le0
Map slot: 1
Category: 1v1
Map name: Workaholics

Username: Le0
Map slot: 5
Category: 2v2
Map name: Duplex City

Username: PinkFl0yd
Map slot: 1
Category: FFA
Map name: Titian Labs



Contest Results:

Best capture the flag map - ctf.2k18 by NickMD and Capone @NickMD @Capone
Best aim map - Dirt in your eye by Le0 @Epicure
Best free-for-all/[3v3] map - Dusty2 by RealSimon @RealSimon
Best melee map - Spill by Le0 @Epicure
Best competitive [2v2] map - Duplex City by Le0 @Epicure
Best competitive [1v1] map - Workaholics by Le0 @Epicure
Best last man standing map - Archipelago by Kincaid1 @Kincaid1
Best creative visual design map - Gong by Mint56 @Toxicity

Congratulations to the winners, hope everyone had fun! Special thanks to @Anthony, @Carlos, @Dual, Action, @Lex, @Nicholas and @Schallmeister for judging.

(Schall) #66

Better late than never…

For the wait, I doubled up your guys’ cred and Lab Pass days you won.

Thanks guys!