General Sports thread

I ended up alluding to the tangent of college ball vs. NFL in terms of game quality this season, and with championship weekend starting today, I kinda wanna open with that. (Other stuff obviously welcome though.)

Funny something first though: Texas A&M just threw $75M guaranteed at Jimbo Fisher in the same week an FSU fan asked him where his loyalty was.

Okay so like. I really really wanna get hyped for this Miami Hurricanes-Clemson Tigers game. The Tigers are defending national champions, while the Hurricanes have made the Turnover Chain a thing. The last time these two played, it got Miami’s last head coach fired. Both teams are 11-1 this time around, so maybe no embarrassing shutouts this time.
If anyone wanna get interested then I’d be down with chilling in one of the lobbies to real-time react to big plays and stuff. (8PM EST on ABC)

Meanwhile in the NFL (back to funny stuff), the Giants are benching Eli Manning for Geno Smith. That will surely end well for a head coach who’s essentially an end-of-season firing. :joy: