Future of Boxhead

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With the boxhead community declining, there is a question that needs to be asked: Should we end it once and for all, and euthanize the box head so that he can rest in peace? Or should we force him to stay with us half dead? I will think about how to put the euthanization into effect at a later date.

  • Put BBH out of its misery
  • Don’t put BBH out of its misery (yet)
  • I don’t understand the point of this poll

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Personally, I would choose “Put BBH out of its misery”.

If we were to finish the box head off, I could be at peace knowing that he does not have to suffer anymore because of us. Choose wisely.

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(Cнιcĸeɴ) #2

I don’t think this game is dead yet. There are some possibilities to give it a bit of a revive.
We’ve seen bad, inactive seasons being alternated with active seasons in the past.

Everytime I log on, I still see the few active people being very happy the game still lives on. We have a great time, even with a little amount players. We do 8-player FFA’s, 1v1’s, 2v2’s, equipment games, etc…
It’s not very competitive atm, but there’s a lot of good reasons to still enjoy BBH.
I would say it’s just too early to call the game dead. I still believe in it’s future and I think that we should all try to make the community stronger again.


( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #3

No need to kill the game, summer time awaits. Summer time never fails us.



What the hell?

Boxhead still has players. As long as there are players, there is life. I personally think competitive seasons can still revitalize Boxhead. (Speaking of which, I’ll see you all in the Hedge Maze beginning this Friday. I got as far as #7 this current season, let’s see if I can get further next season!)

People have called SA dead since at least 2012, yet it’s still here and has a community. Just because there aren’t as many players in the past, doesn’t mean we should kill the game. So I don’t see the point of this poll, plus I refuse to vote for the option that has “(yet)” in it. Let’s try our hardest to never let Boxhead die!


(Bella) #5

Dead or alive, I don’t believe it would be necessary to bring boxhead to an end. True it’s slowly dying but the game isn’t dead yet. Every season appears to be more or less active depending on everyone’s school/work schedule, especially summer, when the game is most active; therefore let’s not assume the game is dead yet. Even if most of us quit or don’t play as often, there are still players who log on from time to time for a quick game of FFA, 1v1, 2v2, etc. Say the game is dead, why bring it to an end? It’s sad to see the game slowly perish, but there will always be someone keeping the game from decaying completely. Most of us grew up playing and spending our childhoods on BBH, it would be a shame if we ourselves brought the game to an end due to our foolish act of critical thinking.


(Nikki) #6

frr last summer it was pretty active


(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #7

uh this was a joke, it’s not like I could end boxhead somehow, you subhumans

and I revitalized the forum with it

we also thought that bbh was dying in summer 2012 because players kept decreasing all the time

right now there just isn’t any point in even logging in and everyone else seems to have noticed that too



What about on Friday, when the new season begins?

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( Muchacho negro 👦🏿 ™️) #9

Players always seem to come around when the season starts just to make their way to top 50 then barely play after.


(The Neon Transformer) #11

I agree with Dd. Everyone just wants that top 50 reward then not play. Like I’ve barely been playing Boxhead but I have good reasons for it. Like I have school so yeah. My commitment is so big that whenever I get free time, I just log onto Boxhead and sit back and let the players roll in (which sometimes is not worth it). Some people just play for bounty, but I play to hang out with others. If we want BBH to live on, I think we should create an event that will motivate the other players on log on and play. When the holidays come, I’ll be on nearly all the time (apart from sleep time, I’m not that addicted to BBH).

EDIT: Watch out Schooler, cause I’m coming on Friday as well (thanks for reminding me, you got more competition now :smiley:).



Hmm… Stick Arena has regularly scheduled playdays. I wonder if that is something Boxhead could benefit from? XCash giveaways every 2-3 weeks?


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suggested, monitors paid no heed because they aren’t active

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(Bella) #14

Boxhead definitely wasn’t as involved with playdays or events as StickArena was and somehow still managed to stay alive. Although I believe if there was someone to host those type of events it would attract the players and motivate them to continue playing.


(Bella) #15

Agreed, definitely an issue to why Boxhead has no events.


(Cнιcĸeɴ) #16

Who knows… Something might be coming up soon…
I can tell the mod team is motivated and ready to get this game poppin again!


(Schallmeister) #17

Why even talk about “killing” the game?


(Mint) #18

whats the point of threads like these, just enjoy it while its here

this reminds me of how people say clash of clans is dead all the time, despite millions still actively playing it every day. ive seen these threads for any multiplayer game ever. obviously the amount of players is far from the same in that comparison, but clash of clans wont be around forever. so im going to enjoy it until the end. boxhead wont be around forever. enjoy it until it ends, like all good things do.

and yes, events would spice things up. try to cater to everyone. think outside the box (pun not intended) i dont play boxhead much at all but seeing this argument anywhere irks me


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alright good job frens we have garnered 3 votes, I will end the Box head SOON


(Teenage Mutant Ninja Hitler Turtles 69) #20


as per majority vote,

31.03.2019 is the date BOX HEAD will end,

you have 16 days to say GOOD BYE


you were there when I should have studied more



I am so lost. Someone please let me know what is happening here.

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