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Good October theme. :scream:


If you’ve not noticed already, I changed the format of the homepage of the forums to kind of be similar to the old forums, where you have to choose your category first instead of it being all mixed up. The three links you’ll see beside those categories should be the topics with the latest posts in them.

I also changed the top menu up a little bit: I rearranged them and added “Bookmarks.”

Let me know what you guys think!

Edit: just added the XGen logo to the push notification icon.


I like the change, and I also like that we can just click “Latest” to bring up the forums in their old style. Good job Schall! :taco:


So I reverted the top menu back to having “Latest” first in the list since some wanted me to change it back.

Also just enabled the option to “ignore users”, but hopefully we won’t have a need for that here, right? Just do as below if you really want to ignore someone:


You’ll see you can’t choose to ignore someone forever, but this option had “Beta” beside the checkbox, so that might be why.

Shoot me a message or comment if you have any questions!


Hello again!

So after playing around with the group settings, this is what I discovered:

You guys can’t make groups yourselves (ba dum tss).

But really, if you guys would like to have a group shoot me a message, as only admins can create groups apparently.

Here are your options, editable at any time:

Name - What the URL address will have at the end. For example, the group name of Schalls-Dungeon will show as

Full name - So if you really wanted Schalls-Dungeon to be Schallmeister’s Dungeon, you can put that in here.

Default title - If Schall’s Dungeon is the default title, everyone in this group will have the option to choose this as a title. So where I have “XGen Studios Game Admin” at will be able to change it to “Schall’s Dungeon.”


About Group - Basically a description about the group.

Image options - I’ll skip this, but there are options to make images for the icons.

Access to the group - You have three options here:

  1. Allow users to join the group freely. This requires the group to be publicly visible. (The group will show up when you go to the groups tab)

  2. Allow users to leave the group freely (there will be a handy ‘leave’ button if you choose to leave a group)

  3. Allow users to send membership requests to group owners. When creating a request to get in, it’ll prompt you to type a reason to the group owner why you should be let in (It’s at the group owner’s discretion whether or not you get to join. Do not come to me to let you in.)

Numbers 1 and 3 can not be simultaneously checked.

Visibility - You have three points here:

  1. Who can see the group?
    • Everyone
    • Group owners, members, and admins
    • Group owners and staff
    • Group owners and admins

Note - if you choose something other than ‘everyone’ in this point, you do not have options 1 and 3 in “Access to the group.”

  1. Who can @mention this group?

    • Nobody
    • Only admins
    • Only moderators and admins
    • Only group members, moderators, and admins
    • Everyone
  2. Who can see this group?

    • Nobody
    • Only admins
    • Only moderators and admins
    • Only group members, moderators, and admins
    • Everyone

With all this being said, if you would like to have a group, below is an example format you’ll need to send me to get one created. Please follow it.

Name - Schalls-Dungeon

Full name - Schallmeister’s Dungeon

Default title - Dungeon Keeper

About group - Where the bad kids are.

Image options - Will discuss later, do NOT include this in the group request.

Access to the group - Option 1

Visibility - 1. Everyone / / / 2. Only admins / / / 3. Only group members, moderators, and admins.

To find the groups:

Go to the top righthand corner of the page and click the hamburger (or the three lines)


Then click down there on groups (your layouts will look a little different than mine)

Then from there you will see a list of groups!

When sending in requests for groups, please try to be reasonable with it. And keep it clean. I’ll deny any requests I feel should be.


  • Schall

It appears the forums isn’t sending emails altogether right now. I tried searching around for an answer in the settings, but I didn’t see anything. I contacted the devs about it, so hang tight!

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Forgot to mention:

They switched email servers and everything has been working just fine it seems.


As you guys have probably noticed the majority of the images have stopped loading. I just performed an update to the forums and it didn’t fix the issue. I will look further into this.


Added a section to add your Discord Tag to your profile.

Profile page > Preferences > Profile

If there’s anything else you guys might want (useful) on your profile, let me know and I can get it added in.


Add GOAT status to my profile.

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