Forum Staff Impersonation

Hey all,

I’ve had multiple people send me private messages of one of the MMOcha moderators seemingly asking for passwords and other things. Do ignore those messages as they are from someone impersonating.

If you question if it’s the real one, go to their profile and check for the shield by their name, as you’ll see beside my name in this post.

Remember, NEVER give your password to anyone for any reason. XGen staff/moderators will never ask for your passwords for any reasons.

Please report them to me or another moderator on the forum if you receive such messages.

Thank you.


We weren’t safe on the old Forums, with this, are we even safe here? :thinking:

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Why would you give your PW to a moderator? they have no business in that ever.

We do not ask for passwords. And it seems you need to re-read the topic that there is an impersonator pretending to be me and other moderators.

If anyone gets an post from a user impersonating, make sure to check the “shield” next to our username as Schall has mentioned.

If the user does not have the “shield” then that is not us and report it.

I re-read and why would you still give PW to anybody?

I totally forgot about that! I do know a couple but they don’t get on anymore so I think we’re somewhat safe.

didnt fall for the bait

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