Forum logs in successfully after two log in attempts every time


Is this starting to happen to me again?


(Schallmeister) #23

Try recording what’s going on and send it to the mods and myself.

I made a topic about this in the main Discourse forum when you first made this topic, so maybe this can provide some insight of what’s going on and they’ll be able to provide an answer.



Typing ““”” has let me log in after one attempt for a long time now.

I recently tried just typing in ““”” then clicked ““Forum”” so that the URL was ““”” and I needed to log in twice.


(Schallmeister) #25

I know you’ll have to log in separately under and since they’re two different links (I don’t know why it would matter), but I guess it’s always a possibility it’s logging you out of one when you try logging into the other.

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