Forum logs in successfully after two log in attempts every time

After the small update to the forum, I noticed that I need to attempt to log in twice before successfully logging in. I realize that this is probably an error to report to the makers of this forum template, Discourse. I will start by reporting it here.


I have mine set to keep me logged in, so I’m not experiencing the issue.

Maybe @Jordan or @Kaelyn can provide some insight on this.


I also experienced this, looks like the update logged me out too.


It happened to me as well. Whatever at least we can still access the forum bruh :skull:

What browsers are you guys using? And have you tried switching browsers or used a mobile device?

@Luis @Air @Half_Blind_Hero

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It happens to me with both Edge and Firefox.

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It happened once on chrome but isn’t happening anymore.

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Happens to me after the update, my settings are credentials are not saved, using Firefox 64.0

Is the problem continuing? @nonstopf @Half_Blind_Hero

The guys over at Meta are saying it might have something to do with themes. What themes are you guys using?

The problem is continuing. I’m using the default theme.

I believe this has been fixed. I’ll update you after the next few logins.

I’m not sure what it was then. It might have just fixed itself.


The changes in the layout happened at the same times as this error began and ended.

This appears to have been fixed.

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So this had just dawned on me but could it have been because was re-directing to (or vice-versa) right after you would login? I noticed it will do that, seemingly just in some web browsers; All I had do to was use the back button to go back to where I’d logged in and I wouldn’t have to re-enter my credentials that way.

This would also explain why the folks over at Meta didn’t seem to be aware of the issue beforehand.

I noticed that the URL did this at a point in time where this glitch happened. I tried logging in from and from and it still made me log in twice from both. I did not try using the back button, however.

The glitch seems to be fixed now, and the next time I log in I’ll look at the URL.

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This just happened to me just now.

It’s not doing it anymore though.