For those who wonder what's actually going on with SA and BBH

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Lmao Liz stfu, I don’t even know you. Speak when spoken too.

Restart the game? Lmao go ahead reboot the servers. It’s not gonna stop

(Andrey Dlcrz) #54

id like to join

(RaS) #55

@Mousy , honestly the only person you can put your trust in at this moment.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #56

Agreed, don’t trust raspy he basic. (ezmoney)

(SA Air) #57

I also wanna say that I’m not covering nobody up lmao. Who ddosed the servers the most? Obviously it was afterlife. Stop ignoring the fact that he plagued the game… Who else would you guys say ddosed the game? It’s only a small community on XGen these days… The attacker could be anyone but the attackers are probably the same person(s) who did it before

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