For those who wonder what's actually going on with SA and BBH

(Metrø ßoomin) #27

Stick arena is over anyway lmao why u even boutta make a 20 minute video about it? We all know who ddosed it, get over it. Just sit down and wait for it to come back online.

(asgfgh) #28

Who ddosed it?

(Shane) #29

Wow and I thought I was the only person having trouble getting on.

Everyone has their own opinions obviously,

I’ve taken the time and actually read everyone’s comments, and watched your entire video (out of pure educational purposes) and I’ve come to my own conclusions.

Yes, Stick Arena is dead and out of pure speculation, the only reason why its still up and running is probably because of the Google Ads for revenue for XGen Studios.

Not surprisingly, for anyone who still plays this flash game, these “attacks” are a detriment for the individuals who want to play this game in their free-time. For individuals who are just trying to log on every now and then, just to see how the game is doing, like myself – these “attacks” don’t really come as a surprise at all. As a person who has basically been on this game since '06, there are always people trying to take down Stick Arena; every generation has its “attackers”.

However, to be quite honest, unless XGen Studios themselves actually try to prevent these sort of events from happening in the future; they will keep happening. According to my own experiences, these “attacks” have been going on for at least 7-8 years, granted not as prominent as they are now, but they have always happened. The XGen team is small, thus in my own opinion, not adequately trained enough to prevent these types of things from happening in the future. Yes, some people may say “just update the game” or “beef up your IT defenses” like it or not, those things cost money. With a small development team whose primary focus is not on Stick Arena but on newer projects that stray away from the dying Flash mentality, I highly doubt that Stick Arena has any chance of being “upgraded” to improve on these events.

As for the video, first off (lol, you made a 20 minute video xD, you toad), anywho, I love your passion for the game that you take delight in and the fact that you have shed light on this topic for those to whom are left in the dark about why the severs are not working. As for “who” and “which individual” attacked it, lets be honest, XGen doesn’t care, they just want it to stop.

For the open-ended question for how this “situation” can get resolved, that is ultimately up to the XGen Team at this point. Anything that any of us can come up with is pure speculation.

:D!!! Shoutout to all the Toads!!

(Elited, Du0) #31

It’s still a little heartbreaking to see almost no change in the game despite it being reset… but at the same time I’m showing little sympathy or empathy because du0 is still banned for no reason at all, but hey that’s just me.

~ Greetings & shout outs to those who know me or remember me by the way👍 ~

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #32

I’ve seen many attackers since I joined SA so we shouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #33

hmmm any other accounts?

(Metrø ßoomin) #34

The last time I even went on the game was about a week ago. Lmao you play every single day, so I understand that you must be frustrated. Go outside or something red, you play too much of this ■■■■ and then to follow, you make Episodes, not just no video, this ■■■■■ making full on 25 minute specials :joy::joy: stop while you’re ahead child

(Metrø ßoomin) #35

Also, I’m not a “big part” of the server, I’m just in it. The server isn’t intended for only stick arena, actually only about 5 people in that server still play stick arena. I don’t understand what you’re getting at calling the server “negative” lmao. Sorry buddy, but do realize that the server isn’t just for stick arena, we talk about a lot of things in the server. We talk about things that matter, we joke around a lot as well. It varies between life problems, music, roast battles, and just joking. Schallmeister is also in the server, so how exactly do you consider it negative? Just because your favorite game got hit offline doesn’t mean you can call out an entire server regarding “negativity.”

Kruger is the head honcho of the server so if you have some kind of issue with the way things operate in it, why don’t you talk to him instead of babbling for 20 minutes in a video that achieves nothing?

However, I get that you want to send a message, but it’s XGen. The community is Tiny, the majority of the mod team is inactive and corrupt (Dual), and to top things off, the SA servers are extremely pathetic in general. Your message wasn’t delivered, nor will it be delivered.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #36

Kruger still around? thought he left.

(Metrø ßoomin) #37

He comes on the server occasionally, he doesn’t play sticks anymore though

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #38

That sucks I saw potential in him I would of liked to hear ‘‘the last sa pros kruger’’ etc etc

(Metrø ßoomin) #39

I said it then, I’m saying it now. Kruger would have been better than I would’ve ever been if he kept playing. We shared the same game style in which NOBODY else has, or had the run and gun and offscreen game. But yeah he was dominating tournies for the short time he played.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #40

I am proud to say I beat him in a 1v1 then! I think Rec was watching too.

(Metrø ßoomin) #43

You are blaming an entire server for one man’s actions. Only one kid in the entire server is attacking stick arena, and if you want names, yes it is afterlife. He also left the server quite some time ago.

I haven’t been on sticks much at all for the majority of this year. Like I said in many other topics I’m busy with basketball and doing school related things.

Calling out an entire server just because they talk trash to eachother is ignorant dude. I don’t agree with the ddos attacks at all. In fact I think whoever is doing it is a mentally challenged child who has way to much time on their hands. But seriously, we all have fun in the server. It was primarily a stick arena server but NOBODY talks about sa 24/7. You can make your own server and enforce you own little rules if you like, but until then I really don’t see the point in bashing everyone else when it isn’t your business if people wanna trash talk and roast eachother. I agree with you about the ddos attacks, I don’t like what the kid does anymore than you do. But like I said, you can’t just attack a server because of one ass hole who thinks it’s okay to do that kinda stuff.

(Schall) #44

I’ve heard it was him and I’ve heard it was someone else. Quite frankly I’d believe it’s the other guy more than Afterlife. I feel you guys use Afterlife as a scapegoat for a lot of things, to cover up who’s really doing what.

After I joined that Discord server, I went back into the messages and found out about a lot of lies that were told to me. Private conversations I had with multiple people were posted publicly in that server for everyone else to see. Being in that Discord server tells me who I can and can’t trust. Several of you guys have a bad history of stuff throughout the years. I haven’t forgotten.

To be honest with you guys, I’ve contemplated on finding newer mods, both SA and BBH, but in reality, there’s really no one I can trust today. I feel there’s too much shady business going on behind my back that people are hiding.

But we can’t deny the fact that it’s not always one person up to something. Sometimes there’s more than one involved, like the recent framing of two players. I’m sure there’s a conversation elsewhere concerning things like this. I don’t think one man is doing this alone, but I could be wrong.

(Metrø ßoomin) #46

I’m not reading all that, but let me tell you that every time afterlife does some stupid ■■■■ I get on his head and he would kick me out of the server. I’m only a mod in the server so I can’t ban him

(Lizbona) #47

Shut the dinosaur up Air, you’ve been bullsharking ever since you laid your foot on these forums. That discord server is nothing more than a few monkeys playing around with DDoSing and exposing. Flying pathetic lol. It’s why I never let any of you in my discord.

[Edited by a mod. Do watch the language.]

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I’m not saying we shouldn’t ignore but there’s been multiple threads about this and theres no need because like schall said eventually one of the devs will see and will fix it asap.

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #50

YOU HAVE A DISCORD? is it super eu ppl? let me in or I will get in by force?

FR though I’ll like to see it.


Well if the ddos attack is the case wouldn’t it be smart to have idk how to explain it but you should be able to just restart or reboot the game.