For those who wonder what's actually going on with SA and BBH


In light of the recent DDoS attacks, I felt motivated to make this video. In this video, I call out a big part of the Stick Arena community that is hurting what we have left of Stick Arena. Behold, the true killers of Stick Arena…

I may be incorrect as to who exactly is doing it, but I am fairly certain that whoever is doing it is most likely a part of that Discord server. People need to start realizing what that Discord server is really about, and start acting accordingly.

Forgive us, Boxhead players.

(RaS) #2

There are a few people i may know from the Stick Arena Discord chat that are causing this problem. Not exactly sure, but i have thoughts. This may be it for Stick Arena…

(Andrey Dlcrz) #3

like why try to f*** this game up ? why act so selfish

btw i think they have this type of behaviour cuz of the devs, if they fr took care of the game and made ppl respect it this would be different, but if its over shut it down and stop the games.

thats what they want

(Edd3912 3dd3912 Edd ) #4

Nah, most of the people who do this is because they have so much free time in their hands has nothing to do with killing the game.


Just played a game, try connecting to Flat World (worked best for me). If it doesn’t let you in try again a few times. Game wasn’t laggy or anything but spinners and cred are being weird.

(Lexus(17)) #9

To all SA and BBH players. Be patient and don’t discourage yourself, even if it will last more than fews days. Im sure Xgen will find a solution of this trouble soon. Don’t let them win. If these "DDOS.ers "will notice we don’t want to play anymore they will achieve their aim.
Have a good day :wink:


either this guy has a 999999999 second booter or xgen be like u guys need 2 move on 2 better tings

(Jairo) #12

im surprised people would still attack an irrelevant game

(RaS) #13

There’s no point. We should move on from this game. We have our benefits if we do.

(Weary Of The World) #14

I’ve quit and come back at least 3 or 4 separate occasions now. Maybe even 5.

I’ll leave again when I’m good and ready to, when I feel like it, when I’ve satisfied my craving for actual gameplay enough again.


it wasn’t sarcastic


They need to reboot sa and bbh


Flat World Server does work

(Schall) #19

Now try logging back into it.


Ah Can’t log back into it Why don’t they reboot the servers?

(Master Oogway) #22

I never took interest in stick arena. @Mousy i like shisui eye on yo pfp btw… Someone must be hella pissed either at the mods or the players.

(Schall) #23

Keep in mind the devs are out from Saturday to Monday.

Stick Arena has become a playground for people who want play around with coding on a game. As time goes on and those issues aren’t fixed, they find more and more things to do to the game, crippling it even more and even to the point where it becomes an issue that needs the developers attention.

I’m sure they’re getting tired of me by now sending them message after message bringing up issues that have been repeating for months now. The XGen team is small, and every time someone decides to fool around with something on the site, it takes one person away from their current schedule to come fix it/find a way to fix it. The guys doing this stuff slows XGen down more than you and I probably think.

They probably won’t be pleased to see multiple threads about how SA and BBH have been inaccessible all weekend long.

(RaS) #24

Are we even sure it’s some DDoS attack? It’s only been about a day now, we have to be patient.

(asgfgh) #25

Stick Arena is just a form of passive income to Xgen. Nothing more, nothing less.

(Schall) #26

It’s been down since Friday. I’m pretty sure this has happened before.