Fix sa not working for windows 11 or windows 10

some people have experienced problems launching SA on windows 11 or windows 10, so this tutorial is going to teach you how to fix this problem

first, right click the flash projector, then select properties

then, go to compatibility tab and tick “run this program in compatibility mode for”

and, select windows 7

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Just go to this link, scroll down and download and install the 1.0.7 version. After that EAC or any such applications should be able to work.

no, just install an older flash version (for SA clients)

Or just quit LOL

I can’t believe eac is still used years later after sa died

Goat ■■■■

And europe is still the only side that keeps it active :innocent:

Thank me @jordan @Kaelyn

best choice

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I am unable to understand. Why we have to select Windows 7?

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so you get optimal perfomance