Favorite Stick Arena Player

I don’t really post much since I became a ghost, but for once I wanted to ask the community something… Who was your favorite player on SA? did you pal around with anyone or have a Bestfriend?

kruger my boyfriend

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had some friends like shadowassassin66

“UnExpectedxD” changed to “Statuz”


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Myself in 2016 would be my favorite player because that was when I was most active and competitive. I would do anything to win at the time, nowadays I don’t even gotta try to win and I’ll win accidently.

I had many but all of them are gone cries

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My favorite player was KYR SP33DY, wait… wrong game.

Sekui, Gofopl, Loves.sonic, Yuj333, Oli_12, Colltmaster(Yax), 80Kidz, Santoslocos, Ford, Wolmers12, Reddy100(Ljarn), Andre1, Miley62, Hmk, Insane, Codfish800, Mtl13(Brazilian) and Lunky are my favorite players and best SA friends.


Lolhomee, before carlos was a mod carlostit, krugger, youngin kd, lilblood, tazer, and we all cant forget about anubis :stuck_out_tongue:

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Air was my favorite

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WOW i remember miley62, the classic bomb spinner


I had some chill cool friends who looked out for me and who i could trust with anything on stick arena such as ,Koso ,coltsking,Poodlecorp Pinky and Norberto


sts, rekt, twistedmetal, afro, thanks it gg.

I’ll tell you some of my favorite people and favorite memories with them without being too vague.

Whenever he showed me his hacks in the beginning of our friendship(we were rank 9) and I recorded it like a square but never uploaded it because we became really good friends. We vowed to both achieve rank 15 and he beat me to it, 100%, but we both made it.

Whenever this guy never stopped talking about anime and so he made me watch Attack on Titan and we didn’t talk for days until I finished it. Or the times when we’d Alt fk together. Zagtm is included with STS but he didn’t have as much as an impact. To this day, sts, zagtm, and I still share a few accounts.

When this guy chose my clan over some other guys and we became best of friends for awhile, playing together, making vids together, and being vigilanties together. We were part of this clan that had “In” in the beginning of the account names. I was “Incorrupt”, I forget what storm was but we used cheese tactics to F people up and it was hilarious.

I remember when this guy and I were just acquainted and he started alting like crazy. Unfortunately he lost his rank and started using some other accounts. ISIL and Amish were two of my favorites. He trolled with me in the lobby, and was always a fun guy to be around. I still remember the profile picture he had on Carlos’s forum that was taken straight from the YouTube video “Don’t hug me, I’m scared”.

I talked to her before she was a moderator. And she was one of the few mods that didn’t become an asshole when they become a mod. She always made weird emojis in the game. ■■■■ like “.-.” I remember being on SA talking to her and playing her “Dia De Muertos” map at 6 AM Christmas morning while drinking hot chocolate.

These people weren’t as impactful, but they deserve an honorable mention.

Banned me for using a maze map. I retaliated and got maze maps officially banned for a short while but the rule was reversed not long after. All is forgiven, love you schall.

First mod I ever talked to. He taught me how to record hackers and even had me send them to him personally for awhile. He somehow acquired me a free lab pass from time to time back in like 2010-2011. Really good guy, I kept up with him personally, but we haven’t spoken in a long time.

No one knows who this is. This was one of the first actual friends I made on this game. We weren’t friends long, he stopped playing.

When I was like 11 or 12, I had a childlike intimate relationship with her. It was cute, we roleplayed as husband/wife on honeymoon in a hotel map I made.

As immature and annoying as he is most of the time, he was one of my main boys on PS3 for a good bit. I’m still better at zombies, Lucus.

I was acquainted with this guy for a while. We talked about dumb moderators who didn’t handle responsibilities correctly and among other things. He ended up ranking up illegitimately and being punished for it. He made a few really cool programs for stick arena that weren’t allowed but were cool. He stopped talking to me after he got hit with a bam hammer.


Bet ima get ww2 when its on sale lets do some zombies just know i got so good i didnt need jug i praciced alot after you stopped playing with me

Nice post. That’s what I would like to read everyday.

Welcome back Agent
BTW didn’t expect that Pika could “showed hacks”.

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I remember incorrupt Lighthunor Cornered, founder of 2l2q asked me to beat you guys up because ‘‘they are good edd you are my only hope’’ but then you/storm said ‘‘NO OUTSIDERS’’ even though I was in the clan xD! Good to see you back though.

It’s been awhile; ha. Yeah I grew up. I’m not back into the game as I have no computer, but I thought I’d check out the new forums. I’m glad no one took “Agent” before I did :slight_smile:

It was back in like 2010. He never got caught. Lol. And as I said to Edd, I can’t play, but i wanted to check out the new forums and I’ll probably be popping in from time to time.

A true zombies player always prioritizes jug. The new
Zombies sucks.

I remember when you said you were an orphan because you said I was bullying you lol but yeah bro no need to play the game it’s all about forums now.