E-Mail Verification

I am aware that this has been beaten to death, but the verification seems to not be working. I have tried the round-about method: http://api.xgenstudios.com/?method=xgen.users.addEmail&username=USERNAMEHERE&password=PASSWORDHERE&email=EMAILHERE

And I have also attempted the stick arena: classic method, which seems as if it would work, but whenever I click the verification link, it says there was a failure.

Not sure what’s causing this.

Edit: I’ve attempted this verification on multiple XGen accounts and multiple e-mails from different sites.

Edit 2: Apples helped figure it out for me. I cleared my cache and it worked.

EDIT 3: Turns out it wasn’t the cache that helped. The verification link sent from stick arena classic is broken, but the one from blast rage works fine. Sorry for the confusion. Though, it’s good to know that the classic one doesn’t work.

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