Do u guys know this?

What is it? Old XGen website?

nah its xgen classic collection

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Oh yeah. I’ve heard of that lol, but isn’t it no longer for sale? I’ve heard that it existed when I was looking up “Stick RPG Enhanced” but isn’t the only way to get it now via a torrent?

there is a way to download it without torrent
go to stick rpg wiki and then search for stick rpg enhanced and then find a comment that has internet archive link

Oh yeah, :P should have guessed there would be an archive of it.
(this is the link)

I always wanted to get my hands on Enhanced, so that’s pretty cool!

yes ofc

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Ok good. (I edited my comment so people know it’s correct, wanted to make sure i didn’t copy and paste wrong or something)
I did some research and found out that it actually came on CD not a download originally! That’s cool, I honestly want to know what it looked like, that’d be a great thing to try and uncover.
It’s honestly good enough to know that’s not lost to time though. :)

actually, its a dvd and not a cd

have to be honest, fullscreen is 640x480 but on windowed u can press ctrl and f at the same time to fullscreen (does not switch to 640x480)

also to exit game from fullscreen u have to press ESC
u dont have to go alt+f4 anymore

I noticed it’s a Macromedia file (obviously) but I don’t know if I need Air, if I can use the Flash Player Projector (it has the option of browsing local files), or if I need regular Flash Player like the steam version of Stick Arena (I’ll try all three and say which ones work, but for now I’m confused)

ALL of the games work