Discord Staff Impersonation

Hello all,

Again, I’d like to expose another scam going around.

The only XGen Team member who has a Discord is me. Jordan, Kaelyn, David, etc. do not have a Discord.

This is my Discord:


If you’re having a conversation with someone who seems to be XGen staff and they ask you for their password, please stop talking to them. It is a scam. XGen staff will NEVER ask you for your password to anything.

These two accounts have been banned on the XGen Discord server for impersonating me:


And again, please do NOT have the same password for anything (forum account, MMOcha account, Discord account).

All the best,


Thank you schall. You saved me and my account, you are a true moderator!!


I changed my avatar on Discord to this:


The same as my forum avatar.

I’ll just go ahead and state my Discord and Forum avatar will always be the same.


Hey guys.

It looks like we have another problem going on here again with the same thing going on. Hopefully this will save someone again.

Someone is running around on Discord impersonating @Jordan with the discord tag Jordan DB#7326. As far as I know, Jordan does NOT have a Discord account. I had a player share with me a conversation and it looks like the fake Jordan is asking you to change your password to “rockybalboa4568” for “extra security reasons”. The conversation also appears to try to be leeching some personal information off you, so be careful with what you say if you decide to speak to them, which I don’t recommend. They may try using it on someone else to impersonate you.

Always, always keep in mind XGen staff will NEVER ask you for your password or ask you to change it to something specific. If you ever have anyone come to you with this situation get ahold of one of the moderators or myself.

Here’s what their Discord avatar looks like as of now:

Blocking the face for Jordan’s sakes.

Stay safe guys! And if anyone might have an idea of who’s doing this please let me know!


  • Schall

And we got them. Sorry for the fuss.


I think you got the wrong person.

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sad to see this is going on again 2-3 years later, miss you cute ass people

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Not when that person comes to me apologizing for what they did.


Lmfao oh well


Hate to do this, but:

It’s come to my attention this user on Discord has been running around messaging a lot of people asking them to download a Stick Arena client with a hacked color palette or something.

I will confirm this is the ex-mod Neo’s actual Discord account, but things are pointing to it not actually being Neo himself.

Everything I’m seeing and hearing points to it not being the real Neo, so I just suggest to not click on anything they send, and more importantly just don’t speak to them. I can’t confirm if the Stick Arena account has been taken or not, but the last login for Neo on the forums was almost 1 year ago.

Here’s some humor for you though:

As soon as I’m mentioned they don’t want many people knowing “he’s back.”