Discord Staff Impersonation

(Schall) #1

Hello all,

Again, I’d like to expose another scam going around.

The only XGen Team member who has a Discord is me. Jordan, Kaelyn, David, etc. do not have a Discord.

This is my Discord:

If you’re having a conversation with someone who seems to be XGen staff and they ask you for their password, please stop talking to them. It is a scam. XGen staff will NEVER ask you for your password to anything.

These two accounts have been banned on the XGen Discord server for impersonating me:

And again, please do NOT have the same password for anything (forum account, MMOcha account, Discord account).

All the best,

(Schall) #2


Thank you schall. You saved me and my account, you are a true moderator!!

(Schall) #8

I changed my avatar on Discord to this:

The same as my forum avatar.

I’ll just go ahead and state my Discord and Forum avatar will always be the same.

(Schall) #9