Dino Run Multiplayer Not Working in Browser

Well that’s the title. It’s been like this for years I believe and I seriously want to get to the bottom of it. I want to actually compete with people but it just is not working.

I enter in my mmocha username (Shieldthug) into the Dinoname thing and my password into the password slot and it just sits there loading. Forever. I hit ‘play as guest’ and it sits there loading forever, or just completely ignores my click. I hit ‘create new account’ and lo and behold, I enter in everything I want and I can’t click either the Enter or Back buttons.

I’m on a laptop, Windows 10, using Chrome browser. Thank you for any help you have on this matter <3

To be honest, you won’t get too much multiplayer action on the browser version nowadays anyway. most of the community has switched to dino run DX, the steam version of the game (and before that was dino run SE.) It’s only 6 bucks and your account will still work. Plus they have racing nights every week on the dx version for some real multiplayer activity.

also you’d be supporting dino run 2, the game pixeljam is currently making. The funding is actually going pretty well.