Defend Your Castle - Free Download on iPhone!

Quick news update from Jordan:

"Defend Your Castle iPhone has gone free-to-play!

It’s my pleasure to share with all of you that we’ve updated Defend Your Castle iPhone with support for the latest operating system & devices, and furthermore that we’ve decided to re-release this mobile classic as a free download.

If you’ve got an Apple device, Defend Your Castle on iPhone and let us know what you think!"


I sadly do not own an apple device, But it’s amazing that defend your castle is free. I Iove that game!

Its good to know you guys are trying to do good for xgen y’all were kinda dead but anyways great news

I saw the banner for that yesterday playing SA.

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Was playing on my 4S and noticed a few bugs, sometimes when starting app screen stays white. Also I completed the first round on normal mode and the button to let me go on to the next round didn’t work, the trophy and save button worked though.

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Thanks for the feedback! Very helpful.

I have an iphone 7, and when i try to go to the next round, it doesnt work half the time, its quite frustrating

Just beat round 25.

So uh, Pillage the Village mobile?

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Hmm, just a regular iPhone 7? That’s what I’m running and it’s working fine over here. Is it displaying the ads properly?

Can we stream this in mobile recorder on Android?