Cred/Lab Pass Transfer System

Hello all,

Many have asked about transferring credit and Lab Pass days from one account to another. Well, here we are.

I’ll start out by saying I can not see cred amounts on accounts.

In order to successfully get a transfer of credits from one account to another, you must show you actually own the amount you’re wanting to transfer. Here’s what we require of you:

  • Screen share with me or the other MMOcha moderators on Discord logging into your account and showing you have the cred you’re wanting to transfer. Below are the current active moderator Discord tags.

    • Apple512881#9593
    • DivinityA#4551
    • Galaxy#5587
    • Ice#8989
    • Lex#7388
    • Schallmeister#0082
    • S1n#5169
  • You must login to both accounts in the time frame you’re showing your cred amount. You know, ownership reasons.

  • Meanwhile in a conversation somewhere else (Discord or forums), you’ll have to tell me or the aforementioned moderators the email associated to both accounts. Yes, ownership reasons again.

  • We prefer you stay on the XGen website for this. The address bar must be visible along with the URL (typically clicking on the address bar brings up the whole URL).

We are not accepting screenshots obviously because we want to avoid people photoshopping the cred amount.

If a player has arranged something with another player to give them cred, you both are still required to give us the following:

  • Screen share with one of the moderators or myself of you logging into your account and showing us your cred amount (again preferably being on the XGen website)
  • Email to the account you’re wanting to give/receive cred on somewhere in a conversation with me or the other mods.

Keep in mind I can only remove/add cred in increments of 500. I will however round up to the nearest 500 as long as you’re at least 250 cred in. For example: 11320 will be rounded up to 11500.

Now the Lab Pass days.

I can see how many days are on an account, so I already have proof of what you have or what you don’t have. There’s no need to show proof of how many days you have to me or the other moderators.

I will still ask that you tell us the emails on your two accounts, or if two players want to trade or exchange days the emails from both of you.

That about sums it up!

What, were you thinking there was going to be a catch?

You caught me.

You are limited to transferring cred to 2 accounts/other players a week, and 2 transfers of Lab Pass days between accounts/other players a week. That’s 2 and 2. The week starts Sunday, ends on Saturday.

Any effort to falsify your cred and/or Lab Pass days amount or impersonating someone else may result in loss of all or partial amounts of your cred and/or Lab Pass days or denied the ability transfer cred and/or Lab Pass days altogether. Whichever I feel is more appropriate. I’ll also throw in trying to transfer cred and/or Lab Pass days to or off an account you don’t own will result in the aforementioned punishment.

The use of private servers is forbidden. Any form or attempt to falsify information through the use of a private server will result in getting these opportunities taken away.

We are not allowing third-party clients as a form of validation. Everyone must be on the XGen website.

Here are the links to the website versions:

Let’s not find a way to ruin this, alright? I don’t want to take it back.

Thanks guys!

  • The XGen Moderation Team

I think this is a very solid and well thought out system! If this idea maintains well and isn’t abused, this can open the door for other possibilities. Nice work!


This is a really great idea but isn’t this going to be a lot of work for the mods to maintain though? My advise would be to automate this feature.


As great as an automated feature sounds, it’d be a lot of work on the devs’ end to create. Plus, this way we can ensure no one is trying to swindle the system and look at every case individually.


I gotta say, It would indeed be a lot more save to check every case individually. I love the dedication that you and the team put into this sorta stuff! Thanks for that!


I’ll add this in here: I won’t be taking Lab Pass days off mod accounts and transferring them to non-mod accounts since Lab Pass days come with the modship.