Confessions and Reconciliations!

Hi all! This thread is for the sole purpose of reconciling potentially slanderous “truths” those perceived to be honest sources have decided to spread about one another! If something is bothering you and you feel the need to clarify a heartless blunder someone has bestowed on your name, feel free to post it here! Please do not state names, as discretion is unfortunately important. I’ll start by clarifying a few things about myself to get the ball RRRRROLLING!

–> I have never sent pictures of my bosom to any male or female and certainly would never send it to random people on the internet!
–> I have never E-Dated anyone nor ever will! Dating men in real life is already annoying enough and emotionally damaging (-:
–> I am wearing a shirt in my discord profile picture!
–> I AM a real girl! (woah)
–> I have never video chatted with anyone in an inappropriate manner!

Any other “confessions” I feel the need to make will be updated on the list periodically (-:

Feel free to join in on the fun and express your feelings, it’s healthy!

Also, feel free to “reconcile” with those you’ve potentially hurt or may have done wrong without realizing, as repairing relationships ultimately more important than bandaging an online reputation.

Have a wonderful day :sunny:


-> I am not currently and have never been a moderator. I am not that cool or interesting.
-> To countless amounts of people on discord chats who ask all the time, yes it’s me in my pfp.
-> I’m not shadow caster.
-> I’m also not shadow rebellion. Looking at you, Eminence.
-> No, I’m not a girl. Looking at you, Edd.
-> Contrary to popular belief, I am not a lumberjack. I just like the flannel.


This thread feels like it’s made for wamen only.


I’m offended.


Thank you for clarifying!! So many catfish on the internet these days.


I just wanna say

Shadow for mod.


i’m a stick man IRL

I still think shadows a girl

I like pie

I regret I made Emily think i’m weird just cuz of all the lies jd17 told me about what she said and other people.

I want my rank back

I want my rank back

I want it back


I confess that emily8 the only eGirl das a baddie :rofl:


So… Back in like 2009/2010 I used to look down on those “Newgens” who started playing SA later than I did. I think it was because I saw others doing it and I realized I was in the “oldgen” group too, having started before Ballistick. I don’t even think I realized back then that it was a form of elitism, which I am opposed to pretty much in all forms. I finally figured it out in like 2012 and stopped doing it, but my biggest regret on this game is not trying to be friendly with those who started in 2010/2011… A couple years ago I ran into someone who was from that time, and they didn’t even remember me, because I never tried to interact with them. Karma is a ■■■■■, yeah?


i confess that I’ve been taking too many cookies home from chick fil a… i’ve been purging my newfound addiction by taking only one instead of 3.

gotta keep your stomach flat! :woman_shrugging:


Amen sister.


): It might just be one person though, yeah? Lotsa other people do im sure.

… I confess that I have no idea what you’re trying to say in the context of my post… Lmao

chick fil a cookies are so damn good
no regrets


Is your new year’s resolution to only have half a cookie now? :P


half? that’s barbaric